Introducing Her Stars: Her Campus at UCF's Newest Column

Welcome to Her Campus at UCF's newest column: Her Stars! My name is Catherine Le, astrology enthusiast and hopeless romantic. Each week I will be answering questions about astrology, romance or general advice! Questions may be submitted through a Google form linked at the end of each article. 

  1. 1. What can be intriguing about astrology?

    First, let me just start by saying astrology is not for everyone. Astrology should not be used as a decision maker for your life, but rather a tool for self-improvement and entertainment. I personally find astrology very interesting because despite what many may say, it's oddly accurate. Often if you are open-minded and honest with yourself, astrology is too accurate and can "drag" you. I'm sure you've seen the astrology Twitter and meme accounts. Even if you aren't a huge believer, it's super fun to talk about and can be a good ice breaker.

  2. 2. What does Gemini season mean?

    Gemini season is from May 21 to June 21. Generally, astrology is a lot deeper than a single month than a year. There are a lot of complex things that are related to the actual state of the Milky Way galaxy and the universe, such as retrogrades and full moons. Gemini season is when the sun transits into Gemini.

    Gemini season marks the beginning of summer and much more. Many people will see their hard work come to fruition during this time—and it's an excellent time to make that money! Now is a good time to get yourself together and make plans for your future. Listen to your intuition. After all, no one knows what's better for you than you. It's also a time to have fun. Enjoy yourself and be spontaneous. If your friend wants to go watch the sunrise at the beach randomly, go for it! Remember to enjoy life and to appreciate yourself. The year is about halfway over, you've worked hard and you deserve it!

  3. 3. What is compatibility astrology and should I take it seriously if my horoscope says I'm not compatible with Leos?

    Compatibility astrology is the analyzation of different aspects of astrology to see if one person is compatible with another. To which I respond with don't take it seriously. Compatibility astrology is like actual astrology. It's fun and can be accurate, however, you shouldn't use it to as an actual self-guide. If you want to be with a Leo, be with a Leo. (Only if they want to be with you too, though, because consent is important.)

    Any kind of relationship can be difficult, including friendships and other relationships. Relationships take work as no one person is the same. Everyone is a little different, which means everyone functions a little differently. My honest advice is if someone is important to you and your relationship isn't toxic, you should put in the effort and work needed to be with them. Don't use astrology as an excuse to not be with someone, rather use it as a means to improve your relationship with that person.

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