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Whenever I get a notification on Instagram saying I have a DM from someone I don’t follow, I’m not usually too excited. Most times it’s either a bot or someone who gives me odd vibes. However, there have been instances in which my DMs were not filled with undesirable bots or slightly creepy strangers, but instead, a band.

That’s right: there have been four different small bands who have slid in my DMs. It’s something I didn’t even realize was possible, but what’s even funnier is that all of these bands have small followings, and their music is completely underrated. They also all happen to be indie bands, which I find ironic, because I listen to a lot of indie.

Here are four bands that found me and absolutely need more appreciation:


Trila was actually the first band to reach out to me. They describe themselves as an indie rock band, and even though I’m not an expert in differentiating each genre, I feel like it’s the right label for them. Their songs are characterized by soft melodies and beats; they’re perfect for lounging on a lazy afternoon while thinking of happy memories. Some of my favorite songs by them include “Trapped” and “Compromise.” If you’ve listened to joan or COIN, I think you’d find Trila up to your liking.


Telehope is an indie-pop band from Cincinnati, Ohio. They’ve been playing since 2017, but they are so underrated. Their sound seems to have a bit more of an electronic influence, as seen in their song “Against Us.” I’d say they have a very carefree and fun feel to their songs. When I first listened to “Young in the Summer,” it felt like it belonged in a movie scene where the teen protagonists are going on a road trip. If I had to pick a favorite, I’d choose their latest single “Back to the Busy.” When I first heard it, I had it stuck in my head for days.

The Break Plans

Out of all the bands here, The Break Plans have the most creative definition for their music; they refer to their songs as being “rock ‘n roll with an EDM soul.” I definitely see them as alternative rock with some indie influence. If you want to see what I mean, check out their song “Let Go” — the beat of the drums gives me some alternative vibes, but as soon as the beat drops, I can see some indie influences. They have a very particular sound, and there’s something about their music that feels freeing, as if you’re running down a hill and letting everything go. 

Dirty White Shoes

Finding out about Dirty White Shoes was the biggest coincidence, because they reached out to me just as I was about to start this article. They describe themselves as a pop/alternative group with “groovy drum beats and heavy synth sounds.” Their music definitely feels “groovy,” in the sense that it just makes you want to have a good time with your friends. My favorite song by them is “Midnight Kind of Love,” because it just makes me want to dance, but it also makes me want to go on a late-night drive. Their aesthetic feels like a fresh take on the 80s synth sound, and I love it so much. 

If you’re looking for something new, I’d recommend checking these bands out!

Ana Sofía Saavedra is a sophomore at the University of Central Florida, majoring in advertising and public relations. She likes to spend her time watching YouTube commentary on pop culture, making bracelets and headbands, and obsessing over books.
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