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The Importance of Women in Medicine

It’s interesting that, according to gender stereotypes, women “belong” in the caretaking fields. Those who are nurturing and loving toward others. However, it seems as though that idea is completely thrown away when the slightest bit of power gets assigned to a woman.

Because of this, there’s a very small population of women within the medical field. Although many discussions show women lacking in STEM fields, the same can be said for those in the healthcare field. It’s popular for nurses to be women, but why not doctors? It’s popular for women to be teachers, but why not principals? What is the correlation here? Authority. For decades, the patriarchy has ruled on the positions of women within society. Women have been stripped down to their reproductive systems countless times, and it seems as though every four years we need to fight for the rights to our bodies.


Putting the power confict aside, the importance of women in the medical field is definitely evident. For example, within gynecology, there is a major percentage of male gynecologists. There’s nothing wrong with that pursuit, but most women I know are extremely uncomfortable with the numbers. I feel as though women can have a much higher sense of understanding, consideration and empowerment when it comes to our bodies, and god knows we don’t need more men telling us what to do with ours. In gynecology, male doctors tend to focus on the fact that a baby is being born, rather than the fact that a woman is having a baby.

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In many instances, it shows a constant and overwhelming disconnect that many doctors don’t feel nor consider women’s bodies; not to mention that the least explored and researched area of the body is that of the women’s reproductive system! Outside of the specifics of gynecology, there are many instances in which women can offer a variety of talents within the medical field. Caring for others and saving lives is more than enough for that.

Women can offer a unique and personal perspective and a variety of talents within authoritative roles, especially in medicine.

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