I Wore 5 Trends from Fashion Week Without Looking Crazy

When you think of New York Fashion Week, you might think of some high end fashion looks that you don't exactly come across in your everyday life. This year alone even included trends such as rubber, lots of feathers, and sequins everywhere. We'll have to wait and see if those trends really become commonplace on the streets, but until then, here are five wearable trends and how I incorporated them into my style now. 

1. High-Waisted, Waist Cinching Shorts 

One of my personal favorite trends and something that has been popular in stores already are shorts that tie around the waist like these. 

2. Small Sunglasses

Vintage style sunglasses seem to be everywhere and were all over the runways this year. 

3. Black and White Polka Dots

Polka dots can be super fun to style and can either be worn casually or in a more professional setting. 

4. Tassel Earrings

Statement earrings seem like they're going to be a major trend this year and tassels in particular were a popular choice. 

5. Pink and Red

A color combo typically only seen around Valentine's Day made a huge appearance at this year's shows. 

Before you assume everything from NYFW could only be pulled off at NYFW, look for the simpler trends that can help you mix up your style in a good way!