I Went to the Dior Café: Does it Live Up to the Hype?

Designer shops, fashion-forward looks and beautiful storefronts line Miami’s Design District. The Design District carries all high-end retailers from Prada and Hermés to Louis Vuitton. Some might even say it may be the next Soho. Among all this glamour lies an almost secret Dior Café. Said to be on a sort of “world tour,” this café resembles other boutique cafés such as Tiffany’s Blue Box Café in New York.

Upon entering the store through the glass elevators, you're surrounded by luxury designer bags. As you step out of the elevator on the third floor, you are greeted with a quaint room which looks out onto the café. After giving your name to the hostess, you can't help but wait in anticipation and marvel at the exotically decorated space. When you finally enter the café after a 40-minute wait, it's way smaller than expected. As a self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur, I had high expectations.

Everything was beautifully served an ornately decorated. I ordered the frappuccino and my family also ordered a dessert and a cappuccino. To be blunt, I was disappointed with the taste of my frappuccino. I was expecting a more flavorful experience, more of a mocha delight. Instead, it was a glass lined with Nutella and watery coffee. I was a bit disappointed, but not all was lost because the cappuccino—which was sprinkled with the Dior logo in Cocoa powder—was exactly what I had hoped for. The intricate desserts also lived up to the hype. Of course, I had to take advantage of the Dior decorated walls for Insta-worthy posts. Everyone was dressed in fashionable outfits because the café served for a very trendy spot.

I enjoyed the overall experience at the cafébut I wouldn’t go again. It's trendy because of the name but the food and coffee could be better, especially for the price of the experience. If you’re in Miami, I would say it's a unique experience. Also, it’s not like you're missing out on much. Like a lot of activities for our generation, it is mostly good for Instagram posts and Snapchat stories.

Here are some tips for a better experience if you decide to go. The Dior Café can get really busy around 3 p.m. so it's better to go earlier in the day when not a lot of people visit. You'll avoid the long wait and they won’t turn you away because it's too busy. As for the menu, I think the cappuccino is what you should go for because it's both stylish and delicious. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to take pictures because that’s the best memory from the experience. It can be very intimidating because it feels very high class but truthfully, everyone does it!

I hope this gave you an insight into the Dior Café!

All images provided by the author.