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I Tried a One-Day Juice Cleanse Challenge

One-Day Juice Cleanse Challenge:

I have always wanted to try a juice cleanse but knew I wouldn’t want more than a day trial considering three days without solid food is too far. With spring break coming up, I have been trying to eat healthy and work out, for the most part. If there was a time to try a juice cleanse it was now.

Orlando has many trendy healthy juice places so when I searched for a juice cleanse many places came up. There were options like Juiced Orlando near Lake Eola but the prices were not student friendly. I finally decided on Jùs by Julie an online store that blends the juices instead of cold pressing them in order to get higher doses of fiber. Honestly, I had no idea what the difference was but the price was relatively economical and the shipping was free.

 I ordered the package and selected the delivery date for after Valentine’s day because I knew I would need a cleanse the day after treating myself. The package contained six juices in cute 16-ounce clear plastic bottles. Also included was a pamphlet of promotions for three to five-day juice cleanses and most importantly directions about the cleanse.

I started the cleanse on a Saturday and stayed super busy in addition to waking up late so that I would not be as hungry. Each of the juices I had throughout the day were different. The flavors ranged from green kale to spicy pomegranate and matched my cravings as the day went on. Mid-day I began to feel starved. I needed food, whether it was a piece of cheese or a crumb of bread. In the pamphlet, there were recommendations for when you absolutely needed to eat like green tea or egg whites around dinner time. I followed the instructions for the most part but I definitely went to bed hungry. I paid $60 dollars for six juices, I needed to follow through with it.


The next day I woke up starving of course but I definitely felt skinnier. The scale did not change but I felt relatively Zen and cleansed. Would I do it again? Definitely. My biggest recommendation is to eat less the day before you start the cleanse in order to get your body used to only drinking liquids for a day. In addition, staying hydrated is probably the best thing to get past cravings between once juice and another. In the future, I would like to try a three-day juice cleanse from the same company but just have to wait and save because health is expensive.

Isa is a junior at the University of Central Florida studying Marketing. When she's not at the library she enjoys spending her time outside, designing merchandise, and planning spontaneous trips. Stay tuned for articles about her college lifestyle.
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