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I Moved to Arizona: Here’s How I’m Doing

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Last year, school was something that was really difficult for me. In the place I was in, physically and mentally, I wasn’t doing well. So to combat this, I decided I needed to move somewhere different. Somewhere out West, across the country and different from my Florida lifestyle. I came to find this wonderful opportunity at the Grand Canyon, in Arizona. I find that I’m well-acquainted here and it’s very spiritual and healing as well.

I moved out here because it was extremely affordable. The company I’m with allows employees to live on-site at a discounted price. The food is affordable with the employee discounts, and it makes for really easy work since I can walk wherever, which is making me more sustainable as a person too. I am now focusing more on how I can be a better person and create a better lifestyle for myself.

My job at the Grand Canyon is serving in a restaurant, so I get to meet all kinds of people from around the world and see their experiences at the national park since my own working experience is vastly different from theirs. They get to enjoy a few days’ worths of the park, while I work and indulge in the park’s entirety all the time. The Grand Canyon itself is such a gorgeous thing to witness once, but to see it all the time in its natural beauty, rain and shine, snow and hot, is really gorgeous.

As for the spirituality of the park, there are so many animals and positive, clean energies around that make a retreat or even the home-style of the park such an amazing place. I’ve honestly never been in a happier mindset. Since this past year has been nothing short of rough on the mind, moving to a nature-focused area with more diversity and just a change in scenery makes for a great place to let your mind wander.

While I know everyone isn’t in a position to up and move to a completely different state, it’s something I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for adventure and just a nice, cool change of pace that is very affordable living (around $80 out of your paycheck a month). You meet lots and lots of cool people. There are also different national parks with the same setup, like Yellowstone, Death Valley, the Oasis and a few others. It can be for a season or for as long as you like, but it’s a great opportunity if you’re ever up for it.

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