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I’m All About That… Negative Space

I’m All About That… Negative Space


I don’t know about you, but when NYFW rolls around I am most excited to see what new trends I can incorporate into my everyday style. This year, “negative space” nail art has NYFW attendees all a buzz.



(Via So Nailicious)



“Negative space” manicures are achieved by leaving the nail under the design free from polish. It got its name from artists’ use of “negative space” as part of their designs when painting. They were spotted on several of the hottest runways showcased at NYFW ‘15.


(via Popsugar)



The designs are easy to create and super versatile. Try using neutral tones and minimalistic designs for a more business casual look. Think job interview or internship. Use dark colors and bold shapes for creating an effortless nighttime nail for your next girls night out!



There are a million ideas out there, and tons of tutorials. Head on over to Pinterest and have at them!


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