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I Gave Up Makeup for a Week & Here’s What Happened

I definitely consider myself to be a makeup addict, but I am also not the type of girl to wear a full face of glam makeup every day. I prefer the natural “no-makeup” look, especially when rushing to get ready for early morning classes.

So, when I was presented with the challenge to give up makeup for a week, I thought to myself, “Why not, how hard can it be?” Well… it was harder than expected.

Day 1

The first day of this challenge had quite a comical start. I had a midterm that day and was quite stressed about it, and so I decided to de-stress by, well, doing my makeup. So, I sat down at my vanity and started doing my makeup.

As I was setting my concealer, a light-bulb turned on in my head, and I recalled that I was meant to give up makeup for a week. I rushed to the bathroom and wiped all the products off, slapped on some skincare, and went to my classes for the day.

Day 2

Tuesdays and Thursdays are when I have an 8 AM Calculus class and I don’t usually wear anything on my face beside skincare. I took this makeup-free day to my advantage and did an intense skincare routine. When I got back from my class and was mentally awake, I exfoliated my skin, applied toner, SPF, rose-hip oil, and moisturizer.

Not only was my skin glowing, but I made sure to up my water intake to enhance all the products I had put on my face. At this point, I was obsessed with how fresh and plump my skin looked; I was living life.

Day 3

By Wednesday, I had gotten used to the skin care regime and was quite enjoying being able to be free and not worry about ruining my makeup. Before going to bed I also decided to use a face mask and remove it spa style by using a small towel with a hot water.

After all these actions, I not only felt that my skin was refreshed, but it looked it too. All my pores were unclogged, and there were no dry patches.

Day 4

Thursday comes around, and so does the 8 AM Calculus class, and of course I snoozed through my alarm, so wearing makeup was not a priority for me in that situation. And my skin continued to glow and reward me for all the nice products I had put on it. 

Day 5

As it reached the end of the week, I was tired of the no makeup, and just wanted to wear some concealer and makeup. But I pushed through and found other ways to look “pretty.” I was going out with some friends and wanted to get dressed up a little, so I discovered that putting effort into my outfit and hair helped me look cute and popping on some shiny lip balm made it feel like I was wearing makeup when I was not. And surprisingly, I felt even more so confident.

In the end, I am so glad that I took up this challenge and found other ways to consider myself “pretty.” I definitely recommend taking up this challenge even if you are not a makeup lover. Giving my skin a break, and learning to be confident without makeup products was an amazing experience, that I hope all women try and do.


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Nicole is currently a junior at UCF working towards a B.A. in Human Communication. Besides writing articles and managing the Her Campus social media, Nicole loves to practice violin, watch an unhealthy amount of La La Land or organize her Vogue magazine collection. One day she hopes to attend the Met Ball, the Oscars and Paris Fashion Week. A few of her favorite things are, fresh flowers, foamy cappucinos, writing in her planner with cute pens and Christmas time. 
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