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I Didn’t Wear a Bra For A Week and This Is How I Felt

Let’s just start with saying that I like bras. I am grateful for their support and I have had nothing but great experiences with them! I do not find myself impatiently waiting to un-clip my bra when I get home letting out a sigh of relief. However, it’s not like I never want to take it off either. I simply just wear it because I’m used to it. 

I decided to try not wearing one for a week, just to see how it is not having that support that has always been there for me since the good old 7th grade (because I refused to wear a bra in the 6th grade, even though I really could have looking back at some pictures). I want to see if there really is a difference in feeling, since some people are really serious about the “no bra” movement .

I have a small confession before starting. I sometimes feel uncomfortable without a bra on, depending on the shirt I’m wearing. With that said, I hope I can step out of my comfort zone and experiment with different tops. Fair warning: I am not always very stylish but it is chilly this week and I do like to dress nice in the cold, so let’s see how this goes! And, another disclaimer, I wear a 34D, meaning I do not have small breasts, nor large ones– it depends on the shirt!


I decided to begin with a t-shirt: very casual, very simple. If I ever decide to not wear a bra on a certain day, I usually pick a t-shirt to wear since it draws the least attention. I also decided to have some school spirit to begin the week!



Today I went with a flowy blouse since it turns out a cold front in Florida doesn’t last very long (I really should have known that). I had never worn this shirt without a bra because I was always worried something would slip… but turns out it holds itself pretty well! So far, the difference has not stood out to me, I still prefer to wear a bra because it’s what I’m used to. I don’t even want to say it’s more comfortable because, like I mentioned, I like (and miss) the support.



HUMP DAY! Woke up quickly and early for an exam, slipped on this shirt I have had forever and went on with my day! Not very noticeable, but I felt comfortable in it. I actually woke up not even feeling that well and came down with a cold. Then when I went to nap during the day, the fact that I didn’t have to take off a bra just made it a lot easier! (Note to self: don’t wear a bra on sick days).



Today I actually woke up so sick I barely got out of bed. Luckily, still did not have a bra on from yesterday so turns out this no bra for a week has come in handy. I took my Dayquil and slept in like a baby.



Today I woke up feeling so much better than yesterday. Today is also the beginning of Spring Break so I actually drove home to South Florida and, believe it or not, it is COLD (for a Floridian and for someone with a cold). So I wore this nice, warm sweater. Wish I had worn a bra, though, for some extra warmth!


To conclude my bra-less week, it was fun while it lasted. Now I know not to wear a bra on my sick days! Another revelation I got out of this week was that I do feel more comfortable without a bra on than I did before. But I can’t lie to you, I am very excited to go back to wearing a bra on the daily.

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Maria is originally from Maracay, Venezuela and moved to the United States in 2006. She is currently serving as an editor for Her Campus FSU. She is a Media Communications Studies student, with two minors in General Business and English. Maria is currently a senior and post-grad plans are in the works, but currently TBA. The job she is striving for is to work in the marketing team of a TV network, film production company, or high-tech company. Some things she likes to do in her free time are roller skate, journaling, and working out!
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