How to Survive the Senior Slump

While some of us may joke that UCF stands for "U Can’t Finish," for others, it feels like that’s the reality! In my case, my senior year is being extended, and what was supposed to be a spring 2019 graduation will be a spring 2020 graduation. Although I’ll be graduating with degrees in advertising-public relations and art education, the process of getting there isn’t always fun. I’ve tried taking as many classes as possible, I’ve tried dropping a major, I’ve considered dropping out. But sometimes the only way out is through. These are the things that have helped me accept that it’s just going to take me a little extra time to graduate and stay optimistic.

1. Have a plan and meet with your advisors

If I didn’t meet with my advisors at least once every semester, I would have no idea what classes to take. I thankfully met with one of mine over the summer who explained to me I needed to take a summer class so I could meet the prerequisites for a class only offered in the fall and then take two classes only offered the following spring. All of that could have been delayed if I hadn’t scheduled an appointment. Now I'm completely on track and know what classes I'm taking each semester until graduation. 

2. Don’t get caught in the routine

Once the excitement of double majoring fades away, you’ll feel like you’re stuck in a never-ending cycle. At least I did. Find ways to enjoy yourself outside of school and work. For me, this was dancing and writing. As much as I love learning how to write a creative brief or a working on a figure study, sometimes I need variety. It definitely helps make college more fun. Make time to hang out with your girls, go out for coffee or see a movie. This can be difficult if you work as many hours as I do, but once you’ve broken up the monotony a bit, get back to working hard. 

3. Keep your eyes on the prize but enjoy the journey

There have been times when I’ve forgotten that I’m actually here to get a degree because I can’t feel time passing or myself progressing. That’s why I try to remind myself every day that I really am working hard towards a goal and that each day I’m getting closer. I’m creating portfolio pieces, making connections and staying optimistic. As much as we all want this to be over, it’s pretty crazy to think that one day we’ll look back on these days and they’ll just be memories. I’m trying to make them good memories.

Even though I’m still trying to survive myself, I hope some girls out there can relate to the struggle and know we’re struggling together until that sweet moment when we can finally flip our graduation cap tassels.

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