How to Prepare for a Hurricane

Hurricane Dorian is currently barreling toward the U.S. There is still uncertainty as to whether or not it will actually make landfall in Florida. However, Dorian is now officially a Category 5 hurricane—the strongest it could be. With so much uncertainty on where its path leads, here are four tips to help you prepare for a hurricane. 

  1. 1. Plan an Evacuation Route

    One of the most crucial things to do is have an evacuation route. As college students, we tend to be on our own, so it's important to find a quick plan to get to a safe zone or back home to our families. An easy way to do this is to talk to whatever family members are closest to you and plan a way to get to them as soon as possible once given the orders to evacuate. If you are from out of state or aren't able to make it home, UCF has shelters to keep you safe. 

  2. 2. Stock Up on Gas

    Once given the warning to evacuateit's imperative to fill up your tank and ration your gas. You never know how quickly things could take a turn for the worse or how much damage a hurricane could bring. Take your car to the nearest gas station and fill up your tank as well as fill up some gas cans.

  3. 3. Buy the Essentials

    You never know what the after-effects of a hurricane entail. That's why it's essential to go out and buy the necessities you may need. Ensure that you have non-perishable foods, a first aid kit, an abundance of bottled water, flashlights, candles, tools and batteries. The list could go on. 

  4. 4. Pack the Essentials 

    Wherever your evacuation route takes you, here's a reminder to pack all of your essentials. This includes medication, feminine products, extra clothes (in case you're gone longer than anticipated), taking out cash from your preferred bank to bring with you, and anything else that is viable to hunkering down during a hurricane. 

Florida is a target state for hurricanes to topple through. It's pivotal to come to UCF prepared, given the history that we've had with hurricanes. There’s no telling how long power outages and flooding will barricade us from continuing our daily lives. Follow the steps above to be prepared in case of a community crisis after a hurricane. 

Stay safe Knights!

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