How to Plan a Cheap & Luxe Spring Break Trip

As a fellow student, I completely understand the FOMO that appears when you’re scrolling through Instagram and you see other college kids having the time of their lives in picturesque places. We all want to have the most fun possible while saving as much money as possible. With spring break coming soon, here are some tips that will help your next vacation!

1. Airbnb and Hotwire

When looking at overnight options, nice hotels are super expensive and cheap hotels can be a nightmare. Airbnb and Hotwire give you a variety of options and price points. Airbnb is an online hub where people can rent out their bed and breakfasts. It's a visually appealing website and has super luxurious retreats without having to break the bank.

Hotwire is a third-party website that buys blocks of rooms, then rents them out for cheaper. Customers can select the rating and Hotwire will provide a hotel room at that rating level. The only thing is customers don’t find out until they pay for it.

Both websites display a price point option as well as a location grid to be as specific as possible. As someone who has used both of these websites, I have found amazing places for really low prices. As a lover of nice things and cool experiences, I highly recommend using either one of these to book your next trip.

2. Hopper and Google Flights

If you're trying to go to a far away vacation destination, road tripping is often unrealistic due to the mileage and duration of the trip. When looking at flight options, plane tickets can break the bank and ruin a possible trip due to cost. Hopper and Google Flights come in handy here. Both websites take all flight costs on the market and compile them into one site, so customers can peruse their options as well as monitor flights. This really helps if you're planning in advance, as Hopper will notify you when the costs of tickets go down.

My recommendation is to utilize Hopper as a notification tool, then head over to Google Flights and book the cheapest flights out. Both sites help compile airlines and provide you with a variety of options to see which airline is the best fit for you.

3. Plan

I know this seems like a simple step to all vacations; however, planning can really help minimize costs while maximizing fun during vacations. For example, if you’re going to a fancy art museum, finding out which days are free to the public or have deals can give you that experience and save you a couple of bucks. Planning will also ensure that your time is well-spent and can allow you to breathe freely during your vacations knowing that you aren’t flushing money down the drain.

As someone who has planned multiple vacations on her own, including a road trip to Colorado by car, these tips are sure to help you save money on your next vacation or spring break trip. Happy travels!

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