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How to Find Comfort in College

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCF chapter.

Comfort doesn’t just come from the company of another person.

It can be a stuffed animal, food, music, sleep, television, or anything that clears your mind and makes you happy. 

Comfort can come in all different shapes, sizes, forms, techniques, objects, people, sleep or even daily routines. Some individuals feel like they never experience that comfortable feeling of pure relaxation when at ease with yourself. That may be because you’re looking in all the wrong places and all the wrong people. You have not found that inner tranquility.

I have learned throughout my first and second semester of college that my parents aren’t always going to be there for me in times of need. Many of us have found comfort in family members and best friends but being in college hundreds of miles away can be hard to communicate directly with them. It can be hard to vent to them through the phone when all you want is to feel their warm hugs and see their bright smiling faces. I have accepted, and its time you do the same, but we have to move past that and look for comfort in other places and things close to us. Your mom and dad can’t always be there for you.

When I am having a bad day, I find it comforting to lay in bed and watch “Friends” on Netflix because it never fails to make me laugh and put me in a good mood. I also have found comfort in going for a run or eating a nice tub of ice cream. I don’t always need someone to sit and listen to me vent about my problems. I know most of the people around me don’t really want to hear it so it’s better to look for those things that make you happy, just like having a thunder buddy!

A thoughtful gesture from the ones you consider close to your heart can also comfort you knowing that they would do anything to help make you smile and feel that comfort. I find it comforting when my friends offer to do favors for me without asking or having no issue doing a favor when I ask. Friends that just drop by without an invitation to say “hi” or see how I’m doing means more to me than one might think. Just that feeling of being needed or wanted comforts me. 

Now think of all the things that can comfort you and seek them out next time you need it.