How to DIY and Knight-ify Your Game Day Outfit

Football season has officially begun, and that calls for three things: tailgating, going to games to cheer on our national champions, and posting our favorite memories on Instagram. 

We’ve all been guilty of posing for photos all around campus. Whether it be on Memory Mall, in front of the UCF alumni statue, or in the stands of Spectrum Stadium, we want to give only our best for the ‘Gram. Although when game day comes around, we find ourselves slipping on the same UCF T-shirt that’s given out on Market Wednesdays (there’s nothing wrong with that!). 

If you’re feeling stuck when it comes to finding the perfect game day outfit, have no fear – you can get creative and DIY your own! Here’s a few steps to follow so you can show school spirit in your own, unique way:

1. Be Financially Conscious

While Knights gear from the official campus bookstore and exclusive Victoria’s Secret line are aesthetically pleasing, they can get a bit pricey. If you’re balling on a budget, there’s a way you can save your precious tuition funds and look your best for game day. My trick is to check the racks at stores like Walmart and Target, where there are tons of budget-friendly options! If you’re up for thrift shopping, try finding a Goodwill near campus! The cheapest UCF gear can be found for 3 to 5 bucks. 

2. Accessorize to Individualize

You know what they say – accessories can make or break any look. In this instance, they can be beneficial. Whether you stock up on some hoops and chokers or purchase gems and glitter to compliment your school’s emblem, you’re sure to create something all your own. One of my favorite things to do on game day is to add gems and glitter not only to my outfit, but to my makeup as well (tip: apply them where you’d normally apply highlighter)! I also love purchasing Game Faces temporary tattoos and placing them on my cheeks.

3. Cut Above the Rest

Thanks to scissors, you can easily transform a regular T-shirt into a trendy top! The style in which you cut it is entirely up to you. With tons of different styles such as crop tops, tube tops, and choker-keyhole shirts, the possibilities are endless! Plus, if you cut a cheaper shirt, you’ll feel less buyer’s remorse. What I like to do is look up a specific YouTube tutorial for the style I want to cut my shirt in and practice on an old shirt so I can become a pro when I transform my game day top!

Creating a fab and fun Knights inspired look can be simple and cost-efficient and give you the freedom to be your authentic self! Plus, you’ll be the only one with your unique new top. Make sure to send us pictures of your DIY game day outfits – our social handle is @hercampusucf on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

Happy football season!

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Image 2 provided by Kristin Martinez, Image 5 provided by Abigayle Haust, Image 7 provided by the author.