How the Diva Cup Changed My Life

Repeat after me ladies: Periods are a pain (literally). It's something we dread every single month. Besides all of the other annoying complications, you have to shell out a ton of money, carry around a bunch of products and swear off of white pants for a week. But what if I told you it doesn’t have to be that way?

Recently, I tried out The Diva Cup. This is a brand of menstrual cups which you would use during your period in place of tampons or pads. You insert the cup, it collects blood, and you take it out to clean and store. There's definitely a learning curve from tampons to menstrual cups. You have to learn to be really comfortable with your body in a new way. But once I got the hang of it, I became hooked.

Here are some of the things I love about using the Diva Cup:

1. Saving Money (and the planet!)

One of the worst things about periods is the toll it will take on your wallet. Every month, you have to take that awkward trip to the pharmacy to shell out too much on products that you need. These products need to constantly be replenished because they get used up so quickly. On top of emptying our wallets, they're filling up landfills! I mean seriously, think about how many pads and tampons (which often have plastic applicators) you've used so far in your lifetime. Menstrual cups are reusable, and you can keep them for a year or longer!

2. You Learn More About Yourself

Okay, this is a little gross, but if you menstruate, you’ll get it. I used to think I had a really heavy flow and that I was losing a lot of blood during my cycle. Tampons and pads are absorbent, so it’s hard to know exactly how much there is. With the cup, you’ll see exactly how much you’re bleeding, and it’s probably less than you think! You can also learn about which times of the day are heaviest, such as during the day versus after sleeping.

3. You Forget It’s There

I know that tampons are supposed to be like having nothing there. But let’s face it; we’ve all had that moment at the end of the cycle where it’s a little bit too light but we do it anyway. Not a pleasant feeling. Menstrual cups are a completely different experience. Once I got the hang of inserting it properly, I forgot I was even wearing a Diva Cup. You can even practice inserting and removing them when you’re not on your period. They have the same pH as your vagina, and you don’t have the risk of toxic shock syndrome or dryness.

4. It's So Easy to Use

One of my biggest worries before trying the Diva Cup was that it would be difficult to use in public. I didn’t want to have to go to the restroom every few hours to change it like I did with tampons. Tampons can only be used for up to eight hours, and mine would never last that long because they filled up so quickly. But those days are gone! You can wear the Diva Cup for up to 12 HOURS. I can usually go the entire day and not have to take it out until I get home. I wear it overnight too, and I’ve never had any leaks.

This product has been absolutely life-changing for me. I think differently about my period. And honestly, I don’t even dread it anymore! I don’t have to worry about going to the store because I’m out of menstrual products, or remembering to bring tampons with me to class. The Diva Cup has allowed me to just live my life as normal. I would highly recommend you put away your skepticism and give it a try. Don’t give up when you’re learning either. It’s definitely an investment worth making for every fabulous diva out there.  

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