Holiday Gift Guide For Your Roommates

Sometimes finding the right gift for someone can be a tad stressful. In this article I'll help you put together the perfect gift for the perfect roommate. 


  1. 1. For the "Bookworm"

    Noelle Australia

    This is for the roomie who’s been pulling a week-long all-nighter. Give her a “Finals Recovery Kit”: a box full of de-stressing items like a bath bomb, a candle and maybe a bar of chocolate. Try getting items with scents of lavender or eucalyptus to soothe her post-semester stress. 

  2. 2. For The "Nexflix Connoisseur" 

    Tea Bag In Mug Moody

    This is for the roommate who’s your go-to Netflix and chill partner. This gift is super easy and cheap—just pick up her favorite candy and popcorn. You could even throw in some hot chocolate and a DIY mug. This gift will be perfect for your 25 Days of Christmas binge-fest!

  3. 3. For The "Feminist"

    girl power banner college sweatshirt

    She’s the “girl's girl” who’s always talking social justice! For this gift, give her this cute GRL PWR ball cap from the Her Campus shop. You could even add in some cute pins or feminist stickers to spice things up! You can get this exact hat here.

  4. 4. For The "Covergirl"

    The honest company products

    She’s your go-to for everything fashion and beauty related. So, give her a subscription to a beauty box, like Ipsy! Subscription boxes are usually around 10 to 15 dollars and come with four or five beauty, skin and hair products. It is a great way to give her something you know she’ll love with an added surprise each month. Subscription boxes also come pre-packaged, which makes the perfect cheap and easy holiday gift!

  5. 5. For The "Mom"

    This gift is for the roommate who’s the mom of the apartment. She’s the one you go to for advice and usually the one reminding you to do your dishes. For this gift, give a cute set of stemless wine glasses. You could even add in a cheap bottle of wine, because let’s be real, it’s hard to “mom” 20-something-year-olds. You can get this exact wine glass here.

Good roommates can be hard to come by, so show your appreciation for those in your life. At the end of the day, the holiday season isn't about gifts, but showing the people around you how much you care and appreciate them.