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Her Stars: Which Sign Is Most Likely to Cheat?

Welcome to Her Stars, the weekly column that answers all of your questions about astrology, romance and general advice! This week, we'll be covering whether you feel more comfortable during your own sign's season, which signs are most likely to cheat, and how to do some self-care this Libra season. To be featured next week, be sure to submit your questions here!

I heard that Libra season is a good time to focus on self-care, any tips? - Anon

Self-care is super important during Libra season! Libras often sacrifice a lot of personal comfort for others. The reason for that can vary from always wanting to be liked, to wanting to preserve their reputation, to putting others before them. Due to this, Libras often neglect themselves and neglect self care. During Libra season, this can become a theme. Logically, Libra season often occurs right before the holiday seasons. So, a lot of stress and pressure to work hard can come in to play combined with busy schedules that overwhelm us. Libras have a tendency to bite off more than they can handle, then flake. This can also translate over during Libra season.

Therefore, self-care is really important. I suggest taking even just 15 minutes to do something that is completely for you. (That means don't focus on work or homework.) Go start that book you've been meaning to read or go take a walk outside for a little bit. You would be surprised how much 15 minutes for yourself can help you. Other tips would be not to shy away from treating yourself to a small cup of coffee or a cookie for motivation. Do some skincare, such as a face mask. The best tip I can give is to invest in your self-care in the long term. For example, if you've been complaining about how you want nice cute earrings or a large pot of skin cream, do it. This is your sign from the universe. Go do the thing you've been wanting to and take care of yourself, no matter how small or big.

My last couple of exes were Sags and they all cheated on me, are Sags more prone to cheating? - Anon

Cheating is not ok and is never the victim's fault. Maybe the suggestion here is to be careful with who you date. In any case, it's not neccesarily that all Sags are prone to cheating. Any sign can cheat and the thing that changes is the reasoning. However, it should be noted that I have noticed that Saggitarius, Gemini and Pisces are most likely to cheat on their significant other. A little bit of this has to do with the fact that they are all mutable signs. As previousy mentioned, any sign can cheat, but these signs are a little more... interesting in the way they justify their cheating.

Mutable signs are often really good companions due to their friendly and accommodating nature. This can become twisted when it comes to unbalanced mutable signs. Unbalanced mutable signs are very quick to give in to delusions and projections. For example, a Sag will feel that you hurt them for whatever reason and then will go cheat and reason that it's ok because you hurt them and they're allowed to do so. Obviously, this is really twisted and doesn't apply to all mutable signs, but you would be surprised how often mutable signs do this. I have honestly heard this about Pisces, Gemini and Saggitarius a lot. Not to say I haven't heard it about other signs, but I feel that mutable signs stand out due to why they end up cheating.

Are there any extra benefits to it being my Astro season? (I'm a Libra.) - A Libra

Go shawty! It's your B-Day! The benefit of it being your Astro season is that you feel more at home with your emotions and mental state. This goes for any sign during their birth season. Libra season will make you feel at home since you are a Libra. For example, Virgo season is a season of working hard and ignoring looming mental hardships. For Virgos, this may feel atypical and less impactful since they may feel like this often.

The same can be applied to Libra season. Libra season, as mentioned in my last article, is a season for fun, friends and being a bit ignorant of responsibilities. The emotions that may accompany this season will feel normal to you. So while other signs may go through it, you will go through it less. This is can be different per each person and each individual birth chart. Other benefits include that it's your birthday season. Beyond feeling at home, you should be feeling empowered! After all, it's your time to shine.

Libra season is here! Time to go meet up with friends and do something to treat yourself! Tune in next week to see what else is coming our way. Click here if you want to submit a question or you can DM @_catherinele_ on Instagram.

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