Her Stars: What You Like Based on Your Venus

Welcome to Her Stars, the weekly column that answers all of your questions about astrology, romance and general advice! This week, we'll be covering three Venus signs and their attractions. To be featured next week, be sure to submit your questions here!

  1. 1. Venus in Aquarius

    Venus in Aquarius is very picky with who they are attracted to. They can only be attracted to those who make them feel comfortable and who make them feel that they can absolutely be themselves with no holds barred. This means that there is no specific type for them. Instead, it's more important how that person makes them feel about themselves.

    As a result, Venus has a bad habit of accidentally friend-zoning themselves. Since they care about having genuine compatibility more than anything, they approach every relationship as a friendship first and then build to a relationship. They have a bad habit of falling in love with all of their friends and prioritizing companionship. They can tend to forget that relationships are more than just how well you get along with another person, but also about passion and chemistry.

    Many people with Venus in Aquarius tend to be in their heads when it comes to relationships. They often have thoughts but forget to voice them or communicate them to the other person. This is because they've reached such a level of comfort that they feel that the other person just "knows" how they're feeling. This can become a problem when paired with the fact that they dislike changing and are too lazy to change things.

    Venus in Aquarius is attracted to people who seem "out of reach". They like having to work for their comfort in relationships. They feel that their ideal person has to be able to hold conversations and be intelligent—someone they can have a full-blown conversation with about global warming with sources cited. What Venus in Aquarius needs is someone who can be understanding and open. This person needs to be a little out there and unconventional to make Venus in Aquarius feel that this person is special. They like the idea of creating a love or relationship that isn't defined by society and is instead completely determined by them.

  2. 2. Venus in Capricorn

    Venus in Capricorn is very slow to fall in love. While attraction for them may be instantaneous, they are slow to follow through with a relationship. This is because they are meticulous and want to be sure that this person they choose will hold up to their expectations. They like feeling secure knowing that this person will love them for them and be a partner through it all. Sometimes this means that while they are thinking long and hard about the course of a relationship, they forget to communicate and stay on the same page as their partner. They are so focused on the future and future problems that they forget about the present and their partner. This is not to say that Venus in Capricorn is not committed, but perhaps so committed they come off as unemotional as they are focused on making the relationship suceed.

    Venus in Capricorn is attracted to people who are consistent and show potential, but need to be "worked on." This person will be a little messy emotionally but will show Venus in Capricorn the same treatment again and again. Since Venus in Capricorn has a hard time being emotionally open, they percieve emotionally messy people to be the same as them. They are attracted to people who are dedicated and focused. This person doesn't like just anything and they are intentional with their partners. This appeals to Venus in Capricorn's need for consistency and dedication. What Venus in Capricorn needs is someone who can be open and emotionally healthy. They need someone who will listen to them and help them release their inner emotions—someone who can help them become flexible and less rigid.

  3. 3. Venus in Leo

    Venus in Leo likes falling in love when the time is "right." When that is, who knows? Venus in Leo holds a lot of pride in themselves and how they are in relationships. They have high energy and need someone who can match them, both on the romantic and sexual level. They want someone who can keep up with their love and affection. They want someone who needs to be loved and cared for. They love spoiling and complimenting their partner because they need them to know that they love and care for them. When Venus in Leo falls, they fall hard and adore their partner. This also means that they expect all that they give back. This can strain their partner.

    Venus in Leo is a little vain. They need someone who can be on their arm and essentially be a "trophy." They hold a lot of pride and like bragging so their partner needs to hold up to that pride. They like people who are submissive and agree easily to what they want. They often put their partners in a box and they like their partners to function as they feel like their partner should. Their partner must be "perfect." 

    Venus in Leo needs someone who is down to earth and has a strong individual identity. They need someone who can keep them on this planet and less delusional. Which is funny since Venus in Leo likes "yes men" but needs passion and someone who will stand their ground. They need someone who can make them appreciate "imperfection" and individuality. They need someone who can validate them. It is important to them that they are seen. When they are, it helps them to open up and be vulnerable, ultimately allowing them to give more. Being praised with comfort and security is their love language.

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