Her Stars: Venus Is More Than Just a Planet

Welcome to Her Stars, the weekly column that answers your questions about astrology, romance and general advice! This week on Her Stars, we will be covering what's currently happening in the universe, what Venus and rising represent along with compatibility for it, and what to do if your Cancer boyfriend starts to act up. If you want to be featured next week, be sure to submit your questions here!

  1. 1. How compatible are an Aries (rising and Venus) and Gemini (rising and Venus)? - Anon

    So to dive straight into this, Venus is the representation of harmony and affection. It's the chart ruler of Taurus and is the symbol of feminine energy. To further explain, the chart ruler is the planet that rules over the sign of your rising. The chart ruler and sign it's in is a good way to see themes in your life and other important aspects.

    Usually, when looking at compatibility, Venus and the Moon are the ones you want to look at. Your Moon sign is as important as your Venus, and if you have matching Moons with your significant other, your internal energy and your emotions are very similar. With your risings being where they are and with respect to their chart rulers, you two will have strong and dynamic energy. Your conversations should be amazing and you guys will often debate. This also means that passion can be strong initially. There may be problems in the way you guys communicate and react to each other. Both signs are incredibly headstrong, and given your charts, this is a recipe for disagreements and not being able to be empathic and put yourselves in each other's shoes.

    I also feel at this point, it's important to point out that environment and upbringing are also big players in how these things will manifest. I think as long as you guys can respect each other and apply some true empathy, then your passion and chemistry will shine brighter than the sun.

  2. 2. What is currently happening in the universe and what does it mean? - Jon M.

    The moon recently entered Sagittarius and it was a full moon last Sunday, which is huge. This means that this past weekend may have caused us to want to be adventurous and take risks. We may also have felt like we wanted to avoid responsibilities and sink into our imaginations. Since then, the Moon has moved into Capricorn, meaning now is the time to have big ambitions and follow through. There's nothing hard work cannot achieve. It's girl boss time!

    Based on the position of Mercury and Mars in relation to Cancer and the Moon, tensions may be high this week. Be careful with how you communicate this week as people may be defensive or take your words the wrong way. Be sure to have an open dialogue and be aware of how you communicate with people.

  3. 3. My Cancer boyfriend is acting up, what should I know about dealing with him? - Anon

    Well, your boyfriend is probably very loving and caring, and a bit too clingy. He most likely has a hard time envisioning you, as he's already planned his whole life with you and is deeply attached. While he may not admit it, he has also idealized and romanticized you. Due to this, if you do things that he doesn't agree with, he may attempt to guilt you despite not communicating with you what he wants.

    I suggest honest, calm, and clear conversations where you ask what he wants and hold him accountable. I also suggest some empathy and to realize he cares about you a lot and just wants good things for you. It can be a lot, but Cancer men are soft and caring and can make amazing boyfriends if held accountable for their feelings. Good luck!

It's going to be a rough week, but hang in there! The universe has a plan! As always, tune in next week to see what the stars will say. And if you want to be featured, be sure to submit your questions here!

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