Her Stars: The Tea on Water Signs

Welcome to Her Stars, the weekly column that answers all of your questions about astrology, romance and general advice! This week, we will be covering the tea on water signs. To be featured next week, be sure to submit your questions here!

  1. 1. Scorpio

    Scorpios are seen as aloof, mysterious and having somewhat of a negative connotation around them. However, they are super sensitive people who are extremely devoted to their loved ones. Scorpios have a hard shell with a soft inside. (If you're wondering if that's some pun hinted at the fact that their symbol is a scorpion, yes it is.) Scorpios are often fun and add to a relationship in ways that often go unrecognized. They can be amazing partners and friends; however, they can also be very misleading and confusing.

    Scorpios are incredibly protective of themselves. They understand what it is like to be hurt and to lose something important. Due to this, they often come off as distrustful, but really they are reacting to how they've been trained to understand things. They often feel that trust is a vulnerability that is a weakness. They hate the idea of how much of a risk it would be to let someone else dictate how things go. They are so afraid of getting hurt, they would rather not enter that realm at all. They hate the idea and feeling of being betrayed the most. They may do a weird thing where they end up blaming themselves when someone else hurts them. They often feel that they should have seen it coming.

    Scorpios are one of the more intuitive signs. However, they don't understand how to trust both themselves and other people when it comes to emotions. So, they often use their intuition as a way to avoid ever being in a vulnerable position. Due to this extreme fear of being betrayed and losing someone, they often come off as controlling and distrustful. They are always second-guessing if someone is actually loyal to them. For people who are close to them, they will attempt to control the situation to ensure that person can never betray them and to keep them close forever.

    Scorpios, you are wonderful and need to stop being so distrustful. If you were able trust the right person without being paranoid, you would find that it's so liberating and can give you peace of mind.

  2. 2. Cancers

    Cancers are always crying. What is often not said about these crybabies is that they have an extremely good heart. When they care about a person, they really care about a person. That person becomes the center of their world and they will do anything to make that person happy. This can become twisted sometimes when it comes to friends and significant others.

    When you become an object of affection for a Cancer, you just have to go with their whims and emotional mood swings. In fact, they will come after you and call you heartless if you don't accept their crying about whatever it is that distrubed their peace. Cancers are very sensitive people and are very protective of their environment since it can be distrubed easily. Basically, you can do just about anything for a Cancer⁠—but if you don't do something right the one time they ask you to do it, you're essentially the worst in their eyes.

    This really becomes a problem as they have an inability to let go and may have a savior complex. Cancers are only able to see what people can be, not what they are. This really messes with them when they want to be around other people and they become disappointed that what's in front of them is not what's inside their head. Cancers, please stop acting like a victim and being unreasonable whenever any little thing goes wrong in your world. See people for who they are and what they do for you.

  3. 3. Pisces

    Pisces are very romantic and sweet people. They have big hearts and feel everything very deeply. They are idealistic and positive. However, they can become literal monsters when it comes to any kind of relationship.

    Pisces have essentially built this world: a world where everything is what they want it to be. They will see one good thing about a person and make that the defining aspect of that person. For example, the Pisces that keeps crying over her crappy boyfriend can't stop talking about what a funny guy he is and that one time he did something sweet for her. They will gloss over any and all bad traits if it means their idealistic world is preserved.

    They are incredibly sensitive and emotional people. Often, they don't know how to process the sheer volume of their emotions and end up tuning out, thus adding to the narrative that they will just fake it till they make it. It's difficult because Pisces are a mutable sign that are often able to be what other people need them to be⁠—but never what they need themselves to be. Even worse, they often cater to other people. They tend to keep track of things other people don't do correctly in their eyes and throw it back at them as a manipulation ploy to keep them. 

    Pisces, please stop acting as if when you do things for people they have to respond the way you want them to. Please be realistic with yourself and kinder to yourself.

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