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Her Stars: Full Moon in Pisces

Welcome to this week’s Her Stars, the weekly column that answers all of your questions about astrology, romance and general advice! This week we’ll be covering what you should give you favorite Libra this upcoming Libra season, what a full moon in Pisces means, and how to ground yourself. To be featured next week, be sure to submit your questions here!

I’ve been feeling a little unsettled and like my mind is muddled. Is there anything I can do or is it astrology’s fault? – Anon

Excellent question! What you want to do is ground yourself. A lot of times as we go through different motions, we carry not only our own emotions and stress but those of others. It’s not really anything we do on purpose and it’s not a toxic relationship. It’s simply that when we spend time with other people, we sync our energies with them. Beyond that, going through our daily lives can really wear on us if we don’t pay attention to our spiritual self. When you ground yourself, you are anchoring your spirit and energy to the Earth.

A good way to do this is to meditate by yourself. Meditation is a great way to think things through and clear your mind. We’re super busy creatures, and it often slips our mind to think about ourselves or to reflect in general. Another great strategy is to go to a park and walk barefoot. I know, it kinda sounds gross. But trust me, it isn’t. By walking barefoot on the ground, you are clearing your energy and aura of anything bad. I know it sounds really weird, but it works. Something about being around nature and your thoughts is very calming. If not, try to take at least 15 minutes a day to do absolutely nothing but breathe and relax. As humans, we are constantly moving or thinking. Just by reflecting and clearing your thoughts, you’ll find yourself in a better position to tackle the rest of the things you need to do.

I recently heard that there was a full moon and wondered if that has any significance in astrology?-Anon

Full moons are really important in astrology. Essentially, we go through multiple cycles in a year. In astronomy, full moons represent the completion of a full moon cycle. It’s when the moon is completely illuminated to the Earth. In astrology, it’s really important as this is a good time to let go of things that no longer serve you. Each full moon is an opportunity to better yourself. (I think I’ve probably said this in a previous Her Stars installation.)

This full moon in Pisces is a really good opportunity to be more spiritual and focus on your mental well-being. Pisces is a very soft and emotional sign that is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck and spirituality. That being said, with the moon being a representation of emotions and one’s inner self, it’s important to track your emotions during this time. If you’ve been feeling like there are things that don’t work out for you, it’s time to let go of them. For example, if your studying habits keeping leading you to a C or a B, change them and do something different. Sometimes even symbolically doing this—such as writing whatever it is that doesn’t serve you then burning it—can really help you feel like you are releasing bad habits and negative energy. Overall, try and stay calm and relax this full moon. There will feel like there’s a spike in crazy events or things that try you, but just try to stay calm and focus on yourself.

My best friend is a Libra and her birthday is coming up soon and she’s really indecisive, what should I get her? – Best friend of a Libra

Happy early birthday to your friend! Libras are wonderful friends and exceptionally friendly. They are very well-versed in being a social butterfly and charismatic. Anytime I’m near a Libra, I always feel them attempting to get to know me and making sure that I’m having a good time. You’re right though, they’re exceptionally indecisive. You can even make a desicision for them and somehow they’re still really indecisive.

This Libra season, gift your favorite Libra something they would find an artistic outlet. This varies from Libra to Libra, as they are all very individualized. Some are more basic than others. Excellent gifts are makeup palletes or new makeup, drawing pads or art supplies, a writing journal that is aestheticaly pleasing, or new cooking tools. Libras are very creative people. They’re fueled by their active imagination and young spirit. They love creating; however, they often do not disclose it to other people. Especially with the full moon in Pisces, now is a really good time to give your Libra a way to expand or start their creative outlet. This may come in any form, so make sure it’s tailored to your Libra.

With the full moon inPisces, do something spiritually empowering or emotionally satisfying! Please come back next week to read the next Her Stars. Click here if you want to submit a question or you can DM @_catherinele_ on Instagram.

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