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Her Music Saturday: The Weeknd, 5 Seconds of Summer & Tainy

New week, new music!

“After Hours” – The Weeknd

This song is about a relationship that produced heartbreak. The Weeknd is somberly apologizing and wants her back. This song is definitely a throwback to The Weeknd’s music from before.

“Old Me” – 5 Seconds of Summer

5SOS gets better and better. This song has an upbeat tone that will for sure make it an anthem. The band is talking about all the hardships and successes they went through to become who they are today. Roll the windows down and sing your heart out!

“NADA” – Tainy (feat. Lauren Jauregui and C. Tangana)

Here’s a song for our Latin lovers! This song by Tainy has a dance beat and chill vibe. It talks about lovers whose flame is extinguishing, but they’re trying to keep it alive. Lauren Jauregui’s vocals are amazing on this track, and adding C. Tangana was the perfect choice.

“Play Too Much” – Kyle Dion, Duckwrth, UMI

R&B singer Kyle Dion made art. This song’s tone is chill but lowkey upbeat. I definitely recommend giving it a listen. This song is declaring love to his girl, even though he doesn’t know what love means.  

“Ramona Flowers” – haroinfather

I love the beat of this song. It’s about a girl he likes and says he’s her soulmate, complimenting her from her blue hair to everything about her. It’s a short song, but it has a cool tone.

“6 months” – John K.

As soon as this song starts it has a lovely, romantic melody. This definitely gave me major single vibes. It’s so romantic and John K.’s voice complements it perfectly. He serenades his one true love and sings about how much he longs for her. This is the cutest song ever, and it’s one of my favorites.


“Fairytale” – Livingston

This song is a huge throwback to our favorite Pixar movies. It has a melancholy tone, but it’s a song that says so much. Give it a listen and make your interpretation. 

I hope you enjoyed this week’s songs! Tune in next week for more new music.

Maitane is a junior who is majoring in Journalism and double minoring in Political Science/Pre-Law and Sports Business Management. She enjoys watching How I Met Your Mother reruns, finding new music, and going to concerts with her friends. She's a bit of a shopaholic due to her love for fashion. When she's not in class she's either writing her book or watching soccer matches.
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