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Her Music Saturday: Harry Styles, JoJo & Chloe Lilac

Every week, we receive the greatest gift: new music. Here are the top eight tracks that stood out this week, not just because of the artists but because of their fresh beats. 


“Lights Up” by Harry Styles

I know everyone has been waiting for this. Being the One Direction stan I am, I waited until midnight (even though I had to wake up at 6 a.m. the next day) and I don’t regret it one bit. Harry Styles is a gift and I cannot stress it enough. This song has such a beautiful, chill vibe to it and his voice compliments it perfectly. It’s a different sound for Harry, but like always he’s killing it. This is definitely a new favorite of mine.

“Problems” by ARIZONA

The start of this song is very chill and upbeat at the same time. The tune is really nice and gives me good vibes. “I’ve got problems” is definitely one line we can all relate to. Even though this song is about problems, it’s very relaxed.

“Fun Up Here” by Mike Posner (feat. Logic)

Mike Posner surprised me with this one. It’s certainly a change from his old music. This collaboration with Logic definitely lets us see a different side of Mike Posner. It’s a very ditzy tune about self-love, positivity and spreading love. Logic even drops a verse about how money doesn’t fill you up and will never make you happy. As the saying goes: “Money doesn’t buy happiness.”

“239” by Baby Jake

The beat is one of the best things about this track, which highlights how being an artist can mess with your mental health. This song definitely deserves a listen—and watch out for this artist, he’s up and coming. Also, he’s a Florida native!

“Joana” by JoJo

JoJo has done it once again, ladies and gentlemen! This song really shows off her amazing vocals. Though the song is slow, it’s very powerful. All in all, this song is about JoJo and all the insults and criticism thrown her way. But as you can see, JoJo is back! 

“Special” by Chloe Lilac

I’ve never really heard Chloe Lilac’s material, but I should listen to more because this song is great. The tune is such a good vibe. I also love her voice—it’s very mellow and raspy. This song talks about that one guy you want to be yours and that internal fight about whether you like him or you don’t. 


“Sandals” by khai dreams

I’ve recently been obsessed with khai dreams. This song is yet another cute one, and it’s so happy. It talks about love and the girl he will wait for. Ugh, we love that. 

“Pegao” by CNCO & Manuel Turizo

I had to add a Latin song, but trust me, I’m putting you on to good music. An upbeat rhythm to make you dance, what else do you need? CNCO has made headlines as the One Direction of Latin American music, and Manuel Turizo has collaborated with many prolific artists such as Ozuna. All of their voices mesh so well with the beat of this song. Take a chance and listen, you won’t regret it. 

I hope you enjoyed these new songs—tune in next week for more!

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Maitane is a junior who is majoring in Journalism and double minoring in Political Science/Pre-Law and Sports Business Management. She enjoys watching How I Met Your Mother reruns, finding new music, and going to concerts with her friends. She's a bit of a shopaholic due to her love for fashion. When she's not in class she's either writing her book or watching soccer matches.
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