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Her Fashion: Some Trends Never Die

There are some trends that never go away. One of the biggest examples I can think of is the blazer. It is a staple in fashion that is ever evolving. From shoulder pads to a more form fitting look, women have adapted the blazer to fit current trends.

This collegiette does it well with a navy blazer and contrasting white blouse. When I first met up with Megan D’Angelo, I could instantly sense a calm and collective air about her personality. Needless to say, her outfit channeled her personality.

Whether you’re going out to dinner or like to dress to impress for class, blazers are an instant way to class-up your look. They are a timeless piece that can be worn many different ways to keep up with current trends. This collegiette adds personality by rolling up the cuffs, which also makes the blazer more feminine.

The skinny jeans compliment the fitted jacket and create a cohesive transition from top to bottom. Wearing denim with a blazer creates a nice blend between casual and formal. And the peep toe flats are a fun alternative to normal flats. Megan is rockin’ them in this simple yet trendy look.

Matt Fultz is a sophomore studying Marketing and Magazine Journalism. He is currently the official fashion blogger of Her Fashion and contributing writer for HCUCF. After college, Matt hopes to work for a fashion magazine in NYC and gain a reputation as a fashion photographer. Follow Matt on Twitter: @MattWFultz for fashion updates and more! 
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