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Her Campus at UCF Found Our joy at an Amazing Pop-Up

As a fall breeze rolled in, so did the joy that took over Memory Mall on Tuesday, September 24. Her Campus at UCF, along with the UCF student body, found our joy thanks to the ASMR pop-up maze that joy brought to campus! Not only did joy bring a fresh take on shaving but they also brought free goodies and sweet Jeremiah’s Italian ice. The fun began with a spin on the wheel and then guests were welcomed into the Instagram-worthy maze. If you weren’t able to find your joy irl, here’s a recap of all the fun we had!

Wheel of Joy!

Guests checked in and were then given the opportunity to spin the wheel to win free joy products! Not only does joy have the most aesthetically pleasing razors in pink and teal, but they also offer up a smooth shave with their glee gel and mousse. Shaving is a pain, but at least with joy razors, you get all the comfort with the lubrastrip blade with none of the red, itchy irritability. Now let’s not forget a razor’s best sidekick: the glee mousse and gel! The glee mousse is sure to make shaving a more enjoyable experience with the summer lily scent. A drop of mousse, a quick lather, shave, rinse and you’re ready to take on the day like a girl boss. For a juicy, cucumber aloe scent, the glee gel is just the right pairing for a harmonious shave.

Now that you’ve had a rundown of all the products, let’s enter the maze!

Instagram irl with joy

Next up: an ASMR maze, how trendy! Following the phases of shaving from prickly to hairy to foamy to silky smooth, there were so many photo opportunities in joy’s maze. The prickly room offered a spunky orange and pink vibe that event go-ers loved. Moving on to the hairy room, eyes widened because of the fuzzy blue wall that was perfect for a cozy, fun picture! The next room enveloped you in a dreamy world of shaving as the clouds and mirrors represented the foamy stage of shaving. Lastly, the silky blue walls of this room reminded us of how good it feels to have a fresh shave!

The joy of Jeremiah’s

Of course, the find your joy irl tour wasn’t complete until guests had a treat in our glamorous lounge. Modeling and looking cute is tiring, so joy invited guests to cool off in a lovely lounge. Comfy chairs and refreshing Italian ice were there to keep guests relaxed before their next class! It was a great end to a successful tour.

UCF definitely found their joy irl with this amazing and immersive experience! If you weren’t able to stop by, don’t worry. We’ve got a video recap for you to check out on our YouTube channel:

You can find your joy in Walmart stores, where you can pick up your own joy razors and glee mousse and gel! Best of all, they’re cute enough to flatter any bathroom space. HCXO!

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