Hate on Me, Haters

The Plain White T’s once sang “hate is a strong word, bit I really, really, really don’t like you”. This is a lyric that I dwell on each time I hear that someone “hates” me, a concept that I don’t completely understand. Sure, I’m not a perfect person, but I don’t see the need to casually toss around the word “hate”. At all. There is no doubt that in today’s world, we often use hyperbolic statements, but we all need to relax with the unwarranted loathing. I am taken aback by the amount of hatred we see in the world, a world that is so beautiful and full of opportunity to be incredible.

“I hate her because she’s such a sorority girl.”

I heard this one recently and doubled over laughing. The problem of course, is that I am not a member of the Greek community. I was once, but then I stopped. I do love painting coolers, and my Nalgene is covered in Vineyard Vines stickers, so I suppose I fit into some sorority stereotypes. Regardless, Greek affiliation or lack thereof is no reason to hate a person. Greek organizations have been great for a lot of my friends, despite my less than ideal experience. The Greek vs non-Greek rivalry is nothing new, and it can be fine in small doses. But if you refuse to speak to another human because of the letters on their tee shirt or lack thereof, I’d recommend rethinking your ways.


“I hate her because she has an annoying family.”

“Annoying” is a very subjective term, so maybe my family is annoying. I understand, they annoy me sometimes too. But what I don’t understand is how mild annoyance can turn into hate. Sure, my sister can be indecisive and my dad is pretty quiet. But that isn’t a reason to hate me, or them for that matter.  If Romeo and Juliet could bridge the gap between their feuding families, I’m sure you can get over any qualms you have with mine. 


“I hate her because she has a thigh gap.”

You’ve got me there, I do have a gap between my thighs. It’s probably due to my naturally bony legs and comparatively curvy hips. I’ve never understood the whole phenomena surrounding thigh gaps, or one’s lack thereof, but I really don’t understand hating someone for the way their body naturally appears. My skinny legs are just that- my skinny legs. Until they start having a specific and measurable negative impact on the lives of others, there is no reason to hate them (or me).


“I hate her because she and her best friend are so cliquey.”

Shout-out to my best friend for being there for me through countless adventures, multiple breakups, and the entire roller coaster that was the past few years of my life. I’m lucky to have a partner in crime who also refuses to kill bugs and loves America as much as I do. Both of us love making new friends, we just happen to do a lot together because we are best friends! Additionally, check your use of the English language before throwing so much shade our way- a clique has to consist of more than just two people.


“I hate her because… she’s just… ugh.”

Believe it or not, that’s a real thing that I heard. It was in high school. I know exactly who said it, and heard her as she said it while standing approximately 5 feet behind me. I don’t know how to respond to this one. Maybe I am “just… ugh”. The good news is that I am also an articulate human being with a solid understanding of the English language, so I really couldn’t take this one to heart. This phrase really highlights a huge problem with our mindset. To needlessly hate a person is just that- needless. Check yourself before you use the “h” word, it probably isn’t what you mean, and you'll probably hurt someone when you use it.