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Happiness in UCF Students

Two weeks ago, I wrote about Happy: A Documentary that will Lift and Enlighten You, directed by Roko Belic and produced by Tom Shadyac (Bruce Almighty and Ace Ventura). It’s no secret I loved the documentary and thought other people would too. As Americans, and more acutely, as college students, we trudge through a perpetual struggle of paying for school while still being social creatures and going out to do things. You name it, it probably costs you your brand new dollar bill. We’re trying to define the Self we’re stuck with for life and want to go to concerts, take road trips, travel the world, and maybe just afford enough gas to get to the grocery store for the ingredients in that new Thai recipe on Pinterest. With all that and the pressures from advertisers of sex appeal and spending, it’s difficult to be happy with what you have.

So I decided to see what fueled happiness for UCF students. I went around campus with a digital camera and interrupted students’ lunches, conversations, and determined path in the other direction to see what made them happy. Here’s what they said: 

A huge thank you to all of the students and interviewees that graciously let me interrupt their day at home and at UCF. In order of appearance and from left to right: Nick Gomez, Laura, Sehou Saho, Graham Nicholson, Dylan Kelly, Heath Leibowitz , Mike Buchenhorner, Mario Alexander Khoury, Aaron, Ashley Pearson and Jessica Graff, Monica Bedi and Rachel Cole, Andrew, the girls of Cupcakes for Cancer, and Sonal Patel.

Samantha Henry is a Feature Writer for HCUCF and is a junior double majoring in Journalism and Creative Writing. As a music festival enthusiast, she loves to write about music and how it influences our generation.
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