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Halloween Flicks for Those Who Hate Being Scared

Once the calendar hits October, the month is basically synonymous with Halloween. Candy, costumes, and a little haunted chills never hurt nobody!

But if you’re like me, and the thought of going through a Haunted House or experiencing anything scary sounds like as much fun as jumping off a cliff and falling to your death, fear not chilled soul! Here are five not-so-scary movies to both get you through the last days until the 31st  and celebrate the festivities of the holiday:

1. Addams Family Values– The Addams are expecting the arrival of a baby, but brother and sister Wednesday and Pugsley are not too happy about it and plot ways to get rid of their newest sibling.

2. It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown– While the whole Peanuts gang is ready for parties and “Tricks-Or-Treats,” Linus is busy awaiting the moment when the Great Pumpkin comes.

3. Twitches– Two sisters with magical powers, Camryn and Alex, are reunited on their twenty-first birthday and must join forces to save their kingdom from doom. 

4. Casper– Casper, a friendly ghost, lives with his three uncles who much prefer scaring people from the mansion above anything else. When James Harvey, a specialist who can communicate with spirits, brings his teen daughter Kat with him to talk to the ghost, things get a whole lot more interesting when Casper and Kat become friends. 

5. Monsters University– Mike has dreams of becomng a Scarer, while Sully is convinced he’s already there. The fast enimies soon join the same fraternity and have to work together in order for them to stay in their Scare major as well as not get kicked out of college! 

Happy Halloween! 


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Serene Blair is a film major in her senior year at UCF. You can usually find her going on about the Hamilton soundtrack, completely invested in Grown-ish and This Is Us, or with her head stuck in the stars. She can be found with a book at all social events, and is always trying to write down the witty, random things that come up in everyday conversation before she forgets them. You can follow her here or here.
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