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Halloween ‘20: The Curse of COVID-19

If you, like me, are a fanatic for all things autumnal and spooky, then you’ll know that the season looks a little bit different this year. With some of the season’s big-ticket events being canceled for the first time in decades (I’m looking at you, Halloween Horror Nights and Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party) celebrating properly will take a little more creativity than years past. 

It’s quarantine, and time isn’t real anymore.

It’s important to begin by letting you all know that September marks the beginning of the spooky season in this house. Maybe I’m crazy, maybe you’re wrong, but it just can’t come soon enough. At least I’m not one of those lunatics who decorates for Christmas on Thanksgiving night. It's never too soon for Halloween, witches.

Halloween decor? Say no more. 

Need I say more? I like to give my home a healthy dose of orange, beige, black and creams to settle into the season, but I do try to keep it on the more autumnal side than explicitly Halloween. I feel like it makes the transition to November and Thanksgiving easier, by only needing to take down a small assortment of Halloween-exclusive decor. Personally, I love a good garland and choose to drape it across each window. Add an orange throw on your couch for the perfect pop of color to transform your space. A pumpkin or two (or six) ties the theme together perfectly, and lighting a pumpkin spice candle signifies that you are ready for all things spooky.

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It’s time to re-watch the old (and some new) favorites.

Getting in the Halloween spirit is never complete without watching some seasonal movies and shows. A small array of content that has the Halloween vibe can be enough to get you in the mood, even if trick-or-treating is out of the question. Consider watching the entire Halloweentown collection, The Chilling Adventures of SabrinaThe Addams FamilyHocus Pocus or Corpse Bride. This season I plan on watching Gilmore Girls. I’ve never seen it, but everyone keeps telling me that the autumnal vibes are strong.

Halloween baking!

Since Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights has been called off for the first time in its 29 years, we won’t be able to get into the park for those iconic pizza fries. Not to worry, though, because you can bake some of the exclusive treats at home. There are several articles out there with replicas for the infamous Halloween goodies just waiting to be made. Put on your best spooky sweater, blast The Haunted Mansion ride soundtrack, and get to brewing. 

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Curate a playlist of haunting harmonies. 

We know all about music for the winter season — the radio is nothing but “Jingle Bells” and “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer” for nearly three months straight. Consider this: Halloween music. For the last few years, I've been curating and adding to a wonderful spooky playlist. It heavily features Rob Zombie, The Haunted Mansion, and several other tracks that may fill you with “ghoulish delight."

The Halloween season doesn’t have to be extinguished by the coronavirus this year. While some of our favorite events may not be the same, we can still enjoy this eerie time in different ways. Keep the black flame candle alit, a spell in your heart, and let pumpkin spice linger in the air. You’ll be sure to feel the Halloween spirit all season long.

Emily is studying English at the University of Central Florida. She loves to garden, make coffee, and play with her dog, Goliath. She also dabbles in copywriting and hopes to forge a career in advertising.
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