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Whether you’re a long-time Dr. Marten lover or want to join the style trend that is taking Instagram by storm, investing in a pair will surely become a staple in your wardrobe. Like many other Doc Marten newcomers, I felt as if the shoe was too edgy to fit my personal style, making me reluctant to make the investment for a shoe that was out of the arsenal of my closet. Shamelessly persuaded by the ample amount of trendy influencers rocking them at Coachella, I took the leap and bought not one, but two pairs this past summer. With the help of lots of style inspiration and trial and error, I finally feel confident strutting the streets with my new kicks. 

Before you invest in this wardrobe staple: 

  1. Buy some thick socks, breaking them in can be painful without them. (I have no idea how the girls at Coachella did it for the entire weekend.) But, once they are broken in you’ll never want to take them off. 
  2. Keep an eye out for deals from different retailers. I got mine for a great discounted deal if I purchased two pairs. 
  3. Order some fun laces. You can interchange them to make your Docs feel a little more personal. Adding a bright color pop with the laces make for a guaranteed conversation starter and outfit completer. Yes, they even have animal print laces.


The Classic Black Jean 

Creating a simple look with a little bit of edge is easy with any graphic tee or turtleneck. Pair it with black denim and a jean jacket and you’ll have the perfect cool-weather look.

Style: 1460 Black Glitter 

Girly & Glam 

This is my go-to look and what originally inspired me to buy the boots. Pairing a soft colored mini dress with Docs not only adds definition to the girly look but creates a nice contrast between the two very different styles. Trade your sandals or flats for a pair of Martens that are totally functioning for taking on the day. Check out influencers like Ellie Thumann and Hannah Meloche on Instagram for more pairings of dresses and Docs. 

Style: 1460 White Smooth 

Flower Power 

Wearing patterned pieces with chunky boots creates a dynamic look perfect for spring and summer looks. Add a white shirt underneath your dress, romper or jumper to transition the outfit for the colder winter months. Babydoll style dresses with lots of patterns or frills add a touch of softness to the grunge boots. 

Style: 1460 Smooth Black 

Disney Docs 

Wearing Docs to the parks are not only comfy for all-day walking. Once you break them in, you can switch up the usual Converse or Adidas shoe choice. 

Style: 1460 Smooth White & 1460 Black 

With these simple style tips, you’ll be set for every season and occasion with your Doc Martens. So, get out there and rock your new Big Doc Energy. 

Images: All provided by author

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