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Green Tea: The Ultimate Spring Break Recovery Secret

Spring break is all about relaxation, but it can be pretty rough on your skin. Sunburns, travel, exposure to pollution, disrupted routines for sleep and skincare can all make your skin freak out. How can you get your glow back?

Restore your skin with green tea skin care products! Green tea has benefits like locking in moisture, nourishing, and replenishing skin. You can incorporate the ingredient into your daily skincare routine with serums, masks and moisturizers. Be sure to look for products that have natural ingredients. Innisfree skincare products have an average of 80% naturally derived ingredients that are responsibly-sourced from the pure and protected island of Jeju in South Korea.  

Innisfree has everything you need to start adding green tea infused products to your skincare routine! Their line of green tea skincare includes everything from face masks to eye cream. Follow this routine for a soft glowing complexion:


  1. Start with clean skin and then pat Innisfree intensive hydrating serum into your skin with an upwards motion.

  2. Gently apply Innisfree intensive hydrating eye cream to your under eye area with your ring finger.

  3. Finish off the routine with Innisfree intensive hydrating cream to lock in moisture

  4. Once a week, start off this routine with the Innisfree my real squeeze mask for an indulgent night of self-care!

Follow this routine and you will be back to your usual glow in no time!

Ready to restore your skin with green tea? Check out our giveaway on Instagram and shop the Innisfree brand at http://bit.ly/2SgLffg!

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