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Grant Gray

  • Name: Grant Gray

    Age: 23

    Major: Engineering

    Hometown: Houston, TX

    Single or Taken: Single

    Greek Life? Brother of Phi Delta Theta 

    What are your favorite hobbies? Being outdoors, staying active, playing sports, going to the beach, paddle boarding. I like exercising, working out, and anything to do with music

    Favorite movie? Lord of the Rings

    Who’s your celebrity crush and why? Jennifer Lawrence because she doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her, although Emma Watson is a close second.

    What is your favorite female feature? A great smile

    What traits attract you to a girl? I like a girl that stands by her beliefs and is comfortable being herself. A girl that’s independent, intelligent, loyal, and knows what she wants is very attractive.

    Who typically wears the “pants” in the relationship? I don’t think anyone should have control over another in a relationship. I feel that both should support each other and neither have all the power.

    How would you describe yourself in three words? Easy-going, loyal, and spontaneous

    What are your goals for the future? My short-term goals are to graduate and to find a good job. I’ve also always wanted to explore other parts of the world like New Zealand. My long-term goals would be to find a beautiful young woman and raise a family. 

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