A Goodbye to My Teen Years

The teen years.

It's essentially the giant part in everyone's life which can be considered the best years of your life. Turning 20 this week, I for one would not want this to be the best years of my life; I'd want what everything that is to come to be even bigger and better. Everyone expects these years to be filled with crazy parties and doing insane illegal things that they can't tell their kids in the future without a bewildered look. Quite frankly, my teen years were quite the opposite; I've never gone to a huge party and spend most of my time studying and working.

My teen years were filled with a lot of good things such as meeting my best friends, — the very ones I'm close with ten years later — graduating high school, starting college, transferring colleges and finally learning who I am as a person. Of course, there were lows but in the end, I learned that everything that life throws at you is just another stepping stone into shaping who you are. I started off being a teenager who barely liked herself and I am ending it knowing that I am as great as I can be.

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I've always made my birthday a grand ordeal topped off with renaming February as "Stephuary" and typically having a multi-day celebration in honor of another year of living. With each year that I get older, I get even more appreciative that I am seeing so many birthdays and living blissfully in good health. There are times where I hear how short life can be that I am thankful that I'm able to have another birthday.

I always hear people talk about how they look back to being a teenager and how things could never be better. I for one wouldn't want this to be my prime; it should be where the ball keeps rolling and things start to turn up better. Finally taking classes truly having to do with my major, getting clinical experience and experiencing the world with my own eyes is what is going to keep things getting better.

The biggest take away from being a teenager is that mistakes are normal, but you're absolutely supposed to learn from them. It's important for people to be dynamic rather than static or all life lessons are being wasted. Hold onto the people who you love dearly but also don't be blinded from those whose intentions are not good at heart. Learn to forgive and communicate with others. I may know these, but I am not perfect at them yet — mastering these life lessons will be a thing for my twenties.