'The Good Doctor' is Your Newest Must-See TV Show

Everyone knows about the smash-hit ABC show, "Grey's Anatomy." There's also "Chicago Med" on NBC and the even newer "New Amsterdam" on the same network. So basically, America REALLY loves medical dramas. Enter "The Good Doctor."

This new series about the trials and tribulations of an autistic surgeon as he navigates the social world and medical world all at once has been gracing television screens since fall 2017. If you haven't started watching it yet, or even heard of it, allow me a few minutes to sell you on it.

1. It's got something for everyone.

This show is primarily a drama series, so naturally, there are many dramatic elements and tear-jerking moments. Don't let this deter you, though because you will also be in stitches over Shaun's bluntness and one-liners, wondering when his sitcom spin-off is coming out. 

2. The characters are all interesting on their own and together.

Everybody gets an equal amount of screen time, so you won't have to worry about one particular character never coming back after three episodes. There are characters you'll love to hate, hate to love, completely love or completely hate.

3. It's a surprisingly good adaptation.

This show is a direct adaptation of the popular Korean drama of the same name. Normally, I dislike American adaptations of foreign works because they tend to become very Americanized and overall, just not as good. So when I tell you that this is a really good adaptation, believe it!

4. It's an introduction to a "new" demographic.

Autism isn't necessarily new, but it's not frequently represented in media. This is where "The Good Doctor" comes in, but in no way should it be seen as an introduction to autism. Autism comes in all forms and no two people with it are exactly the same!

5. An All. Star. Cast.

OK, maybe the cast isn't completely all-star, but you'll recognize some of these key players from other roles on the screen. Dr. Shaun Murphy should look familiar to many people, and fans of the UK series "Misfits" will notice that Alisha Daniels traded in her jumpsuit for scrubs.

6. Mondays get a whole lot better.

Do you absolutely hate Mondays? I dread them when they happen, but then I remember that each Monday comes with a brand-new episode of "The Good Doctor" at 10 p.m. E/T.

All I'm saying is you should have some tissues, popcorn, and your phone fully charged. Every episode is a new adventure.

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