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GirlBoss 101: Sunflower Girl Scrunchies

Scrunchies are totes the “in” accessory, no questions asked. With the ability to spruce up any outfit either in your hair or on your wrist, it’s safe to say that no look of mine is ever complete without one.  This week, I sat down with 18-year-old girl boss Gwyneth Kaighin, the founder of Sunflower Girl Scrunchies, to discuss the nitty-gritty of forming a business as a young college student.



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“I naturally made a bunch and slowly started my own little business”

An architectural design student here at UCF, Gwyneth first gained interest in making scrunchies after creating some with leftover fabric from her handmade prom dress (I can only imagine having that much talent). After making a small posting on Instagram, “I got a bunch of DMs asking how to buy them, so naturally, I made a bunch more, posted about them, and slowly started my own little “business,” she says.  Though the startup costs were a hefty fee (over $300!!), it seems to all be worth it to Kaighin, who’s “had over 500 sales.”



“It gets really stressful”

Maintaining a business isn’t an easy feat though, especially for a busy student with classes and another job. Even with a full course load and a 30-hour workweek, somehow Gwyneth does it with grace and poise (we stan a queen). “It gets really stressful, but I’m a firm believer in doing the most, and I love having lots of stuff to do…my biggest pet peeve is idle hands,” Gwyneth states.

She gets the most out of her business through her active social media presence, with 738 people following her aesthetic on Instagram. With frequent giveaways (the next one closes on November 30!) and story posts, Kaighin has managed to create a community of empowerment, support and philanthropic effort. Not only does she promote other small businesses, but she recently launched the ‘Go Gold’ campaign, an effort in which 50% of sales from her Go Gold collection will go directly toward the fight against childhood cancer. The positive light Gwyneth radiates is insanely bright, and the world is undoubtedly 10x better because of it.

Gwyneth’s hard work leaves us with the most adorable, high-quality scrunchies, and I’d honestly be lying if I said I didn’t purchase some myself (the compliments I always receive on them make me want to buy so many more)!  With the holidays coming up too, they’re certain to be great stocking-stuffers, so make sure to head over to her website and check her out on Instagram: @sunflowergirlscrunchies!

Photos courtesy of Gwyneth Kaighin

Emma is a senior at the University of Central Florida studying Anthropology and History. When she's not writing articles, she enjoys long-distance running, iced chai tea lattes , and advocating for students as a Senator for Student Government.
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