Get You Through Finals Baby Yoda Memes Will

As finals week continues, I know everyone is super stressed and freaking out. I figured everyone could use a little break from the stress for this list of memes. Baby Yoda took over the internet as soon as The Mandalorian premiered and the show is now referred to as "The Baby Yoda Show." I would die for that little baby and I want an entire Disney+ show just dedicated to him. Take a little break from studying, and I hope you enjoy these cute and funny memes and continue to love the little creature!

  1. 1. When everything's going wrong and you just give up

  2. 2. Baby Yoda just wants his fuit gummies

  3. 3. Reasons to live 

  4. 4. I just want animals to love me 

  5. 5. Unproblematics stay young forever 

  6. 6. My heart desires an accurate Baby Yoda plushie

  7. 7. Never too old for choccy milk

  8. 8. Harry Styles thinks Baby Yoda is great

  9. 9. Me constantly saying I would die for Baby Yoda when he just wants us to live for him instead 

  10. 10. The Mandalorian himself

Twitter is constantly coming up with new memes, so head on over there for more quality content. I hope these provided a brief relief from the stress that comes with finals week. Don't worry too much! You've got this! Make sure you take enough breaks to eat and drink something, get enough sleep and create a study schedule and stick to it! If all else fails, take some time and just cry over how cute Baby Yoda is — because that's what I'm going to do.

May the finals be with you.