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Five Ways to Spring into Spring

Spring is here, everyone! That time of year when the smell of fresh cut grass and barbecues fill the air. It’s a time where hot morning coffee is replaced with iced coffee and Italian ice is a sweet afternoon reprieve from the hot afternoon sun.

Spring is a season full of transformation and renewal, with May flowers and April showers rising forth out of the chill and wilt of winter. So what better way to take advantage of spring than to slide into the tides of change.  As the the temperature rises, the days grow longer, and we feel spring is here.

Take advantage of this season of physical transformation and do something to make a change as you come out of winter hibernation.  Here are the five best ways to spring into spring:


Spring cleaning isn’t just a sitcom cliche. Decluttering your immediate surroundings gives your mind clarity,  which is necessary with finals just around the corner. Plus, your workspace will look great.


Springtime means the holidays are finally over! No more high-calorie stuffing, eggnog, or pie to throw off your diet or make your body feel bogged down. In fact, the warmer weather is a perfect excuse to get into juicing or hit up your favorite smoothie spot for lunch. Whip out the blender and check out pinterest for some great smoothie recipes using fruits and veggies from the local farmer’s market. Your body will thank you for it.


Start a new project

Spring is a time of newness. What better way to embrace the new than to start a new project? Finally start (and finish) one of those Pinterest pins you’ve been wanting to do. Get a group of friends together and have a craft night and tackle the job together. Write that story you’ve been wanting to write, or join that club you’ve been meaning to join. Whatever it is, go out and do it! This is the time. Don’t let it pass you by.


This season is also the time of new beginnings in weather and agriculture. As such, it also brings an increased self-awareness to take care of both our selves and our surroundings.  Gardening provides a great and productive outlet for this need to tend and create something alive and green, and it’s also an awesome Sunday funday activity for you and your roommates. Beautify your backyard with a pallet garden, a fire pit or even just some  small planters of fruits and veggies. This is your personal feung-sheui.

Go outside

The sunny weather means local businesses offer all sorts of outdoor activities. Go see an outdoor movie at the Enzian or study oudoors at Austin’s Coffee and Tea.

Go on a picnic with some friends and make it potluck style; have everyone bring something different, or surprise your boyfriend and bring a basket, blanket, and the works!

Take advantage of the changing weather and have a day in the park with friends. Grab a kickball and a group and head to any of the several local parks for some fun in the sun. You’re never too old for grass stains, snacks and sunshine.

And don’t forget about Yoga in the Park.  Every Sunday at 11 am on Lake Eola there’s yoga for yogis of all levels. Bring a mat, a water bottle and a positive attitude and connect with your inner zen.

Spring is all about renewal, so why not try something new?

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