Five Fun Ways to Get Fit in Orlando

Orlando is the city best known for housing Disney, Universal and Church Street station, but the city is home to so many more venues and is full of lots of opportunities to explore new territory, be up close and personal with nature and, most importantly, to stay active. Orlando is diverse, cultured and inclusive but it can be overwhelming to those who aren’t sure how to find places to try new things, especially when it comes to something as personal as fitness. Through discovering both the natural and artificial scenes that offer opportunities to get fit in Orlando, you will be able to find a new place to relax and have fun, all while building your endurance, working on your cardio or getting in some strength training! There are so many chances to be active. From wakeboarding on one of Orlando’s many lakes to taking up a kickboxing course, the hidden gems of Orlando are the ones worth mentioning.


1. Rollerblading/walking in Jay Blanchard Park

Jay Blanchard Park is a natural park in Orange County, located only 10 minutes from the University of Central Florida. It is right off of Rouse Road and features a walking/running trail by the name of Little Econ Greenway that spans over 7 miles and offers a chance to see beautiful rivers, lakes and wildlife. The trail is shaded by trees and has a diversity of grasses and plants that are beautiful to look at. It’s a great place to walk a few miles, get in a run or even go rollerblading. Bikers frequent the trail as well. Whether you are training for a run or just looking to be one with nature, Jay Blanchard Park is a fantastic place to do both.

2. Ice skating at the RDV Sportsplex

The RDV Sportsplex is a great place to try ice skating for the first time. This ice den sports complex offers public skating nights, ice skating lessons and hockey games. If you want to take your significant other on a cute date while strengthening your calf muscles or test out your balance, this is a fun and easy way to do so. Nighttime skating offers a show of lights and upbeat music to set the mood!


3. Kayaking at Lake Claire

Lake Claire can be found at the end of Greek Park Drive and Gemini Blvd on the University of Central Florida’s campus. The William E. and Mary Jo Davis Recreation area located inside the boathouse rents out paddleboards, kayaks and canoes to University of Central Florida students for free during regular hours and offers a chance to try a new form of exercise or to just relax in your own kayak as you let your worries float away.

4. Rock Climbing at Aiguille

Aiguille Rock Climbing Center can be found in Longwood, Florida and hosts a variety of climbing classes, ranging from beginner to experienced. The site also hosts group climbing sessions and yoga classes to stretch out and rewind. The official Aiguille website states, “Aiguille has 10,000 square feet of climbing on walls up to 36 feet high. We offer 27 toprope walls, a dedicated lead climbing area, and several dedicated bouldering only areas designed to be accessible to all ability levels.” The facility is an engaging way to test your abilities and to either begin your climbing journey or advance your skills.


5. Orlando Watersports Complex Aquapark

The Orlando Watersports Complex’s Aquapark opened on March 24 off of Florida Rock Road and is Central Florida’s first aquapark. The park features inflatable climbing walls, monkey bars and slides as you go through the obstacle course. In addition to its new aquapark, the Orlando Watersports Complex provides an area for paddleboarders, boaters and wakeboarders as well as those who want to just relax in the inflatable park. It’s an active way to have a fun get together with a group of friends or a stimulating place to host a party!

In addition to Orlando’s luxurious malls and lavish theme parks, there are so many beautiful, natural places to explore and ways to stay in shape. Through exploring the local community and taking the time to get out of your daily cycle, you will find many opportunities to try new things and you may even like some of them!

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