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Finals Week Yoga Guide: Om Finder App

With finals week coming up, we are all stressed out over the upcoming all-nighters, endless chapters to read, and how your room is just begging you to clean it. Besides many cups of French vanilla coffee from Joffrey’s, yoga has definitely helped me survive all of the stressful, seemingly never ending study sessions each semester. The only thing different this semester is that I have the Om Finder app by my side to guide me through this semester’s finals week.

The Om Finder app locates yoga studios, studio schedules, and yoga teachers based on your location. With the good ol’ price of free, it is definitely worth the download. The interface of the app is very easy to navigate to find exactly what you’re looking for. You can search by class times of local studios, so you can attend what classes fit your study schedule. You can also search by nearest studios and which teachers are at each studio that day, which includes a short bio of their experience in yoga. Once you become more acquainted with the teachers, studios, and classes, you can add them to your favorites so you can follow their future classes.

STUDY TIP: Try giving yourself goals to finish up a chapter or lecture by a certain time to make it to a relaxing yoga session to break up your studying. More information is retained when you break up your studying with a mini mental vacation, and what better way to do it than with yoga!

Once you find classes you’re interested in you can add them to your schedule, which will give you the option to set up a reminder on your phone so you don’t miss out! If you’re not too sure where the studio is located, it will give you directions so you don’t get lost on the way. There is also a feature to invite your friends that have the Om Finder to the classes you’re attending, so invite your friends to the app to join in on the yoga!

STUDY TIP: Find a study buddy interested in going to yoga with you! I find pairing up with someone that is motivated to get their work done and have a productive study break helps me keep on track with both. You can help each other in keeping your focus and to keep going after long hours of studying while also getting back on track after a refreshing break! Be cautious of time wasters, you don’t want to pair up with someone that isn’t motivated to get anything done.

There is also a feature to filter the classes, studios, and teachers by what types of yoga they teach. The types listed are:

Flow-(Also known as Vinyasa) Focuses on the transition, and synchronization of breath and body movements

Hatha- (Most popular form in America) Focuses on physical health and mental well being with the positions. Ideal for beginners.

Power- Focuses on strength and self-discipline. Not a set routine, mostly based on the instructor

Hot-*Personal favorite* (Also known as Bikram) Focuses on increasing flexibility with heat. Room temperature is typically set around 105 degrees Fahrenheit with a high humidity to warm up the body. CAUTION: Is very intense and is not for everyone. Can cause heat-related illnesses.

Yin- Focuses on holding positions for extended periods of time

With all of this at your finger tips, you will find the perfect studio that suits you and your schedule! If you are unable to fit in some yoga time into your studying, take some meditation breaks to clear your mind during studying to maintain your sanity. Drink lots of water before and after yoga classes and even during studying to stay hydrated through the long nights!

Good luck on finals!

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