Finals Week Got Me Like....

Can we please just take a moment to appreciate dread the fact that finals are coming up? So it’s time for the stress, the anxiety, and all the procrastination in the world that has us all thinking," THAT'S IT, #done I'm going to Monsters University!" It's the ultimate struggle ladies and's finals week.


1)    Looking over the study guide.

No, but seriously when did we learn all of this? Oh wait! I know this one…never mind I, thought wrong.

2)    Professors: ”Okay y’all don’t pack up yet! We still have 2 mins of class time left.”

What else could there possibly be left to learn?! It’s finals week/the last week of class ma’am(sir)…I barely have time to blink! I could be studying with these two minutes!

3)    All the tears, all the time…

For no good reason sometimes. Your roommate just asked you if you wanted a grilled cheese sandwich while you study and you are so stressed out, you literally burst into tears. Your best friend asks you,"How ya doing?" and it's literally like a levy breaks and your tears just flood out the whole room. You're just a big mess.

4)    What’s the success percentage for college drop outs?

It’s 4am and you’ve studied so hard that you don’t even know what life is anymore and then it hits you…THAT’S IT I’M DROPPING OUT! But is this degree really worth it? Then it dawns on you that you won’t actually do it and you go back to studying.

5)    The 3 basic food groups: coffee, coffee, and COFFEE

Oh sweet elixir of life! The coffee! It’s like suddenly you’ve got coffee for blood because you’ve drank it so much to just stay awake during those long nights/early mornings. Has there ever been life before coffee?

6)    You haven’t slept in an eternity.

No but seriously, what is sleep? Those late study nights turn into early study mornings and let’s face it…your relationship with your bed is seriously on the rocks. Are these dark circles under my eyes or did life just punch me in the face? The world may never know.

7)    The identify crisis, it’s real.

You’re about halfway there, sick of studying, mixed with 2.5 hours of consecutive sleep when you ask yourself,”WHO AM I?!” “WHY AM I STUDYING THIS?!” “WHY AM I EVEN TRYING?!” We've all been there. You start slowly composing the meaning to life in your head and still can't figure out who you are. 

8)    All the food. All the time.

Need I say more? It’s the stress on top of the anxiety and everything else. Don’t feel bad, keep calm and eat all the junk boo…you deserve it. Treat yo self!

9)    Test days

You’ve made it to the days that you’ve been dreading. Trying to keep calm and do well, channeling your inner Einstein, let’s do this!

10)Walking out of your last test like #BLESSUP

YOU DID IT! You survived! Now it’s time to go home and: sleep for a million years, burn all of the papers you’ve accumulated over the semester, breathe for the first time in weeks, and did I mention SUMMER?! You earned it, you barely survived! WHAT TIME IS IT?!

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