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February Blues: How to Stay Motivated After the New Year

As the end of January approaches all the new year’s resolutions you made are starting to slowly fade away, and you are losing motivation. Don’t worry, here are 5 ways to keep up the New Year’s motivation!

1. Maintain a motivating and clean environment.

If the atmosphere you are in does not help you stay motivated, then, of course, it would be extremely difficult to keep up with your goals. Keeping your room clean and organized can put you in a productive mood, and helps you stay motivated. Keeping your desk or work area clear and minimalist gives your mind and body an inviting area to work from and reminds you of your goals. Another tip that may work for some people, is to keep your work area separate from your bedroom or wherever you relax and lounge. Having a set area in your home or room will help your brain get in a constructive mood. 


2. Remind yourself of your goals.

Keeping your new year goals constantly around you will subconsciously motivate you to work towards them. For example, having a Pinterest board of quotes, people or places that inspire you, or following Instagram accounts or Facebook pages that will come up on your timeline and remind you of your ambitions. And as “mainstream” as they are- vision boards are very effective and, not to mention, are so fun to make. Cutting up some images and texts that inspire and motivate you and hanging them up in your room or office will really help you stay productive and ambitious.

3. Good old willpower.

Sadly, just having the idea of a goal is not enough, you have to work towards it. We can all dream of having a bikini body, but without working out and eating clean, it won’t happen. Listening to empowering music, and TED talks or watching an empowering movie may do the trick of recharging your mind.

4. Have a set routine.

Keeping up with a lifestyle not only makes it easier for your body to adjust but your mind as well. Trying to study/work at the same time everyday sets that routine in your brain, and will keep you from becoming lazy. I know that can be difficult for certain circumstances, but trying to designate a specific section of each day to one goal will really help in the long run.

5. Surround yourself with a good support system

As individuals, we start to lose hope and motivation; the vision board is simply annoying you, and you’re tired of seeing workout videos on Instagram- talking to a friend or family member can help refresh you. And to make matters even better, having a friend or family member that is striving towards the same goals as you, will keep you motivated for a longer period of time, and you can support each other.  


Nicole is currently a junior at UCF working towards a B.A. in Human Communication. Besides writing articles and managing the Her Campus social media, Nicole loves to practice violin, watch an unhealthy amount of La La Land or organize her Vogue magazine collection. One day she hopes to attend the Met Ball, the Oscars and Paris Fashion Week. A few of her favorite things are, fresh flowers, foamy cappucinos, writing in her planner with cute pens and Christmas time. 
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