Fashion Trends That Women HATE

Every woman loves a man that dresses well.  Whether they’re going out to dinner, to the gym, or to class, it is nice to see a good-looking man that takes pride in his outfit every day. Sweeney was kind enough to share with us what outfit’s girls wear that men hate, and I think it’s only fair that I take the time to say what outfits most girls find unappealing on guys. Fashion trends can change monthly, but there are quite a few “trends” that men need to stay away from all year round.  Help out your friends, boyfriends, and family members, by keeping them aware of these fashion don’ts!

Crocs- If the name isn’t unattractive enough, just look at the shoe.  I have no idea who created these god-awful things, but unless you work in a hospital and are on your feet for 24+ hours, do not wear them.  They have holes in them. Need I say more? They’re rubber, big, ugly, and as hard as you may try to match them with an outfit; it is not going to happen.  If you catch your man wearing these so called shoes, throw them away the first chance you get.  Nothing screams “I have no taste and I don’t want to look manly” like a bright blue pair of rubber, holey sandals.

Wife beaters- This is an undershirt, remember?  There is no need to wear a white, see-through tank when you go out.  Even if you have an 8-pack and the most cut arms known to man, put on a shirt! Play sports in beaters, hang around your apartment in them, but do not go to class in one.  If a guy comes to class in jeans and a beater, sorry but us girls are going to look at him like he is a fool.  It’s nice when guys cover up too!

Jorts- As Sweeney said these were completely a middle school fad.  None of you are in middle school anymore, so throw these things away! Take a terribly colored, solid washed jean, pair them with shorts, add awkward pockets and an awkward length, and you have jorts. And just because you may be a Frat Star, doesn’t mean you can rock these either.  They are basically one of the biggest fashion crimes guys can commit, just stay away, please.

Mandals (w/socks)- We may live in Florida, but sandals are not necessary every day, especially if they are fug and awkward.  These sandals are known as mandals.  Unless you’re cupid, a gladiator, or 5 years old, patterned and velcro straps will never be a trend.  Adding socks to these horrid shoes just adds to the embarrassment.  There is no legitimate excuse to wear mandals, and wearing them with socks is just absurd.  Nobody, and I mean nobody, can pull these off, but if a guy can’t stay away from sandals at all, just try and stick to plain thongs or Jordan’s (which can definitely be worn with socks).

Hollister/Abercrombie & Fitch/American Eagle- We all paid to wear these logos on our chest throughout middle school and most of high school, but please just stop.  You aren’t considered cool, popular, or preppy anymore if you are rocking an Abercrombie & Fitch shirt.  You give off the impression you are stuck with the same wardrobe from 5 years ago, or you just have no idea that these brands aren’t fashionable anymore.  We all know they’re expensive, don’t try flashing us your wealth by wearing a seagull, my initials (AF), or an eagle on your chest. 

Tool Gym shirt- I am guilty of wearing cut up t-shirts, but I wear them when I work out or play sports.   Again, its all about the time and place.  Don’t wear your cut up, nipple showing, about to rip shirt out to class, or anywhere other than the gym for that matter.  Carrying a gallon water jug alone screams gym junkie; add the cut up shirt, and to girls you scream “tool.” We don’t think you guys are cooler or manlier if you love to rock your bare arms and chest when you go to the grocery store.  Next time your boyfriend throws on a thin piece of cloth over his chest to go to lunch, remind him he’s half naked and looks like an idiot. 

Unfortunately, some of these “not so trendy” trends are still persistent in our society.  Try and help the guys out that are stuck in a time warp; remind them that girls usually laugh when we see them walking around sporting any of these looks.  Keep it classy, and up-to-date.