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Fashion Forward: Styling One Bag for 5 Different Outfits

Although it sounds materialistic, there’s always that one item that draws your attention and you just have to have it. Whether it be shoes or in this case, a purse, once it’s in your possession you just want to wear it all the time. 

I found a purse and fell in love. In my bones I know that she (my lovely purse) is going to be such a trend this Spring and Summer. Let this be the perfect time to introduce my straw bag from Lulu’s: https://www.lulus.com/products/cordelia-beige-woven-purse/578762.html.  It's not the same exact bag because they seem to be sold out BUT it's similar enough if you would like to snag one after this read. I managed to finesse…yes finesse 5 really cute outfits around this bag.


1. Farmers Market Sunday

On those weekends that you’re pumped and ready and can’t wait to get your hands on some local goodies, this outfits is perfect. Overalls have come back and there's nothing that screams farmers market more than white overalls covered in lemons. The bag works so well because of the neutral colors it has. It has enough space for any essential oils or any delicious vegetables you decide to get.

2. A fun day in the sun 

 During these hot seasons most of the time the only place that seems ideal is the beach or pool. I threw on this gray and white romper and called it a day (it was that easy). This bag is perfect because it’s okay if it becomes slightly wet, it has a zipper to protect your items, and it’s the perfect size for some suntan lotion and sunglasses. Since it's straw it makes everything look pretty 'beachy'. Basically, you'll look like a beach/pool native with this outfit. 

3. Lunch with loved ones

There is nothing better than wearing a clean fresh outfit with amazing accessories (a bag like this one for example). All you have to do is put on a maxi dress. Personally a maxi dress is the ideal lunch dress because you definitely have enough room to eat as much as you want and still feel free. If you’re going to a celebratory event, the bag is versatile enough to hold a card and your wallet without overcrowding. 

4. Brunch with the gal pals

Brunch is a must with your girls. A day with perfect weather calls for your favorite jean skirt and a brightly colored cross over top. The jean skirts adds cute and casual to the brunch and with a little push from this bag you're ready for some mimosas. 

5. Elegant night

  All you need is a little black dress, any girls staple. The bag I bought from Lulu’s is quite casual but it does not mean it cannot 'clean up nice’. The leather strap gives it enough of an edgy look to be taken out on a wine night or an elegant dinner. Whether on vacation or going to dinner on the coast, this purse is perfect because it lets you shine. It’s definitely big enough for lipstick, perfume, even a brush, and Tums if needed (in my case most likely).

If you reasonably splurge on an item you think can only be worn on a “special occasion” (other than a prom dress) fear not because it is extremely do-able and definitely something to be proud of if accomplished!


Photo Credit: Aleck Cosme

Alexa, otherwise known as "Alexa Wexa" is a senior Psychology major pursuing a minor in Public Relations and Communications. As the Co-Event Director of HCUCF she loves creating and planning events for the wonderful writers on the team. In pursuit of making time last, you can find her at Disney or driving around Orlando for the best food, coffee, and photo ops.
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