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Falling in Love With Fall Fashion

Are those pumpkin spice lattes that I smell? This definitely means that fall has officially arrived. I don’t know what it is about fall, but it is my favorite time for fashion. Maybe it’s the earth tone colors, oversized sweaters and knee-high boots. The list can go on and on. There are so many different, and not so different, trends that are hot for this fall season. It may take a little time for all of us here in Orlando to wear these heavy items, but since the official day of fall was on September 22, it only makes sense to get a jump-start on your fall wardrobe. Here are some of the must haves for fall 2012:

1. Oxblood: I can’t stress enough how necessary this color is for your fall wardrobe. This wine red color has been seen on purses, jeans, scarves and hats. It goes along with the earth-toned colors that I was talking about. It’s a very neutral color that can be paired up with pretty much anything. Throw on a pair of Oxblood jeans with a simple white V-neck and some knee-high boots and you are set for the day.

2. Baroque: At first, I had no idea what baroque was. I kept seeing this bold print everywhere and instantly fell in love! It is a little gaudy, but can look beautiful and striking if you wear it right. This is a bold pattern, so you just have to keep everything else extremely simple. Versace is the one who originally came out with this pattern in the 90s and has now brought it back with an up-to-date style for their lookbook for the Versace and H&M collaboration.

3. Skulls and Studs: You can get to know your inner rebel with this one. I am guilty of having a little too much of this trend. Skulls have been showing up on T-shirts and even nice, going out blouses. Alexander McQueen came out with a black and white skull chiffon blouse that pretty much every other designer copied. Studs have been around for a while now and are not going anywhere. The most popular stud trend has been with shoes. UNIF came out with a pair called Hellraisers. You would definitely do some damage in those bad boys with one swift kick!

4. Oversized Graphic Sweaters: It’s now time for the most comfortable trend of the season. Oversized graphic sweaters are a great way to be casual and cute on campus. It is so different than a cardigan because sweaters are cozier and comfier. This fall you need to add a graphic print on your sweater, like an animal, polka dots or the American flag. This is a great outfit choice for those mornings where you wake up a tad too late. Throw on a sweater, a pair of jeans or leggings, and a topknot on your head and nobody would ever guess you’re running late.

5. Snakeskin: Snakeskin has been seen on celebrities and has been used with well-known fashion designers. Cheetah print is still in for the season, but snakeskin is the new animal print must have. Having a snakeskin handbag allows you to add a little fierceness and flair to any outfit because of the texture and the bright colors that go along with it.

6. Faux Leather: Whoever said that in order to wear leather it must be real, was very mistaken. Faux leather has hit every store around the country. Leather jackets, leather boots, leather skirts, leather shorts and even leather leggings are very important for your closet. These are key items that can be used for a day-to-night outfit. All of these pieces are statement pieces and can be either dressed up or dressed down.

I'm a junior majoring in Broadcast/Journalism and minoring in Marketing. I am a feature writer for Her Campus UCF and loves all things fashion and entertainment. I plan on reporting fashion live from the red carpet and being the next co-host/anchor for “E! News Live.”
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