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Everything You Need To Know About the Latest Animal Crossing Direct

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCF chapter.

Honestly, I am still recovering from the unexpected amount of intense joy that overcame me while watching the latest Animal Crossing Direct on October 15. To put it simply, I am astounded at the number of brand new features we Animal Crossing players have to look forward to on the horizon, or rather, on New Horizons. So, please join me in beholding the additional content coming our way on November 5, 2021.

Brewster and the roost

The veteran Animal Crossing fans will understand just how special it is to know that our feathered pigeon pal, Brewster, is making his way to the island. His café will be located inside Blathers’ Museum, and players can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee with island residents and online friends. Even more enticing: players can now invite additional characters to hang at the café using amiibo cards!

Kapp’n and Boating Trips

Brewster isn’t the only friendly face making a return to the Animal Crossing scene, Kapp’n himself is joining us and he’s bringing along his trusty boat! He’ll take players on exciting boat tours to mysterious island destinations, similar to those accessed through Dodo Airlines. However, these mystery islands can house unique plant life and even be experiencing a different season or hour of the day. These trips aren’t free though — so be prepared to give up 1,000 Nook Miles per boat ride — as Kapp’n secrets are too valuable not to come at a price.


If you were like me, you didn’t travel to Harv’s Island very often (I’m sorry, but the photography studio can only offer so much). But there is a whole new reason to make the journey to Harv’s residence, as you can now set up permanent stores for characters like Kicks, Sahara, and Redd. There’s also room for old friends such as the fortune teller Katrina, Reese and Cyrus from Re-Tail, and the wise old Tortimer. Harriet, the poodle hairdresser extraordinaire, is even at the ready to give you a fresh new style.

Group Stretching

There is an adorable group stretching mini-game that occurs in the plaza (activated by interacting with the tape deck at the Town Hall), and it invites all of your island residents to participate! There’s the option to use button or motion controls to get fit with your favorite villagers.


Island Representatives will now have the ability to enact ordinances that alter Island Life to better fit players’ personal styles. For example, the Beautiful Island ordinance makes weeds less common, and the Night Owl ordinance makes shops stay open later and villagers remain awake long into the night.

Cooking and Farming

As a longtime fan of the farming game Stardew Valley, hearing that Nintendo was introducing the element of farming to Animal Crossing sent me over the moon. Players will be able to plant, grow and harvest crops such as tomatoes, carrots, wheat and potatoes, which will then be used to create dishes that are able to be both consumed and displayed. Yum!


The quirky little gyroids are finally returning to the Animal Crossing world, and these musical pals will be found buried in the ground. After digging up gyroid fragments, players can customize them and show their creations for the whole world to see.

Happy home paradise DLC

For $24.99, Animal Crossing fans will be able to purchase the first Animal Crossing New Horizons DLC – Happy Home Paradise. Like the 3DS game, Happy Home Designer, players customize and create fully furnished homes for villagers on unique islands. Each of the client villagers will have a vision in mind for their dream home and it’s your job to turn their dreams into island paradise realities. The designing skills learned in the DLC can then be applied to your islands — such as pillars, partition walls, lighting adjustments and polishing. Beyond just houses, players will have opportunities to design schools, hospitals, restaurants and more!

These are just my favorite additions mentioned in the latest Animal Crossing Direct, and I absolutely cannot wait for the changes on November 5. I can already see my future self pouring an excessive number of hours into this game once again because of these exciting updates. I hope that some of you will join me!

Caroline Hull is a senior at the University of Central Florida and is double majoring in Theatre Studies and Creative Writing. She is pursuing her dreams of either being a successful playwright or an English teacher, and loves to spend her spare time cuddling with her dogs, Maya and Winston.