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Everything You Need to Know About the Jaclyn Hill Highlight Collection

After many years as a prominent YouTuber known for her makeup tutorials, Jaclyn Hill created her own brand of makeup: Jaclyn Cosmetics. Her first release of lipsticks in May 2019 was highly anticipated; however, controversy soon rose when people were unhappy with the creation of the product. After figuring out what exactly went wrong, Jaclyn addressed the issues and refunded every single one of her customers.

Since the release of her lipsticks, Jaclyn has been inundated with hate and backlash as a result of her mistakes. However, she did not back down and she has returned with another collection just in time for the holidays: the Jaclyn Cosmetics Highlight Collection. The collection consists of three different formulas as well as three different highlight brushes. Below, I will break down each product with prices, shades and what is to be expected from each formula.

The Flash and The Flare – $49

Jaclyn is releasing two palettes: one for lighter skin tones and the other for darker. Both palettes were manufactured in labs in Italy and feature four shades. The first palette is The Flash — four beautiful shades meant for lighter skin tones. The first is a pearl-like shimmery shade, the second is a classic golden highlight, the third has some bronzy undertones and the last a rose pigmented shade. Next is The Flare, which is meant for darker skin tones. The shades include a deep rose, a rich bronze, a golden shimmer, and a paler, more luminescent shade. Both palettes look stunning both in the pan and swatched. The packaging is the same for both The Flash and The Flare, with a full-size mirror inside.

Mood Light – $32

The next formula called Mood Light is something we haven’t seen in the beauty industry yet. Jaclyn stated that this highlight is designed to give anyone an “inner glow.” One of the product’s main ingredients is Mica, which, according to Jaclyn, will blur the skin and provide an all-over glow. The Mood Light formula will come in five shades, providing the right shade to those with fair skin, medium skin and dark skin.

Beaming Light – $24

The Beaming Light formula is supposed to be brighter and more intense than the other two formulas. Jaclyn said that the product goes on like a powder but turns into a cream, making it easy to blend it into the skin. The Beaming Light collection consists of five shades just like the Mood Light line, from light to dark, making it inclusive of all skin tones.

Brushes – $20 each

Jaclyn released three brushes: the Mood Light brush, the Beaming Light brush and the Accent Highlighter brush. The Mood Light brushes are fatter and thicker, the Beaming Light Brushes are traditional fan brushes and the Accent Highlight Brush is a versatile highlight brush that can be best paired with The Flash and The Flare. Although the brushes are designed for specific formulas, Jaclyn said that you can use any brush for any formula depending on your preferences.

Jaclyn Hill’s Holiday Highlight Collection launches on November 26 on the Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics website at 9 a.m. PST. I think we all have high hopes for this collection. It looks stunning, and Jaclyn is the queen of highlight so I have confidence that this collection will be a success!

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