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Euphoria’s Newest Heartthrob: Who Is Dominic Fike?

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Season 2 of Euphoria has kicked off with a whirlwind of emotions and new plots bigger than ever imagined. The show even introduced a new love interest, Elliot, who instantly dove into trouble and an unfortunate love triangle. To some, Elliot might have a familiar face and you might be wondering why. Who is Elliot from Euphoria and where did he come from?

Who is Dominic Fike?

Let me introduce you to the real Elliot: Dominic Fike. The 26-year-old is from our very own Florida, born and raised in Naples. Euphoria being his first actual acting experience, Fike is a musician before anything. He’s not just any other musician though; he makes the kind of music that I would sell my soul to hear again for the first time. He’s been into music from a young age, learning guitar at the age of 10. When looking at his childhood, he had an absent father and a mother in and out of jail for drugs, so Fike and his siblings raised each other. In spite of this, he’s always sought out adventure and a good time, which is portrayed in his music. The singer/actor loves experimenting with hair colors and is made of tattoos. He features an apple tat under his eye that was inspired by his sister who’s name is… can you guess it? Apple.

what’s so good about his music?

Though he started his career like many do, as a SoundCloud rapper, there is something about Dominic Fike’s come-up that sets him apart from the others: he released his first EP while in jail. Yes, you read it right. After being arrested for the battery of a police officer, Fike spent his house arrest making his first EP, Don’t Forget About Me. He was then put in jail, during which his friend uploaded that EP — that’s when he created the EP’s name, as a message to his listeners until he got out — gaining 50,000 views on SoundCloud the first month. You thought that was impressive? Fike walked out of jail and signed a four million dollar record deal with Colombia Records. After that, they re-released “3 Nights” again under their name, which is how it became his most viral song.

The singer went from his jail-released-music to becoming big enough to do collabs with Brockhampton and Halsey. His music is a multitude of genres, mostly alternative rap, pop, rock and R&B. New York Times recognizes his music as “genre-bending.”

After his first EP, Don’t Forget About Me, he released his next album What Could Possibly Go Wrong, which was as good as the first. I can personally say after seeing Fike live at Music Midtown 2019, that he is one the best performers I’ve ever seen.

Dominic Fike’s musical success goes further than his EP and album though. The 26-year-old assisted on both “Peach” and “Arizona Baby” by Kevin Abstract, and has been featured on Brockhampton’s Youtube channel.

Next was his feature on Halsey’s album Maniac, on a track called “Dominic’s Interlude.” New York Times proceeded to make a Hulu documentary about him, which is worth the watch on learning more about his life and the intriguing process of his come-up and albums. Slightly after, Fike was featured on Justin Beiber’s song “Die For You.”

Now, Dominic is working on his second album as his acting career kicks off. We’ve only heard the beginning.

can we talk about the rumors?

There’s one last thing that has to be addressed. Elliot might be brewing a new romance with Jules, but it seems Dominic Fike might have taken notes in real life. There has been speculation of a new relationship between him and Hunter Schafer (the actress who plays Jules). While it hasn’t been confirmed, they have made it believable by multiple spottings of the two getting a little closer than friends do. They were first spotted holding hands, followed by Fike waiting for the actress on her interview of Jimmy Kimmel Live!. We’ve also already seen two different times they’ve gotten pap’ed while holding hands. If their on-screen chemistry wasn’t enough to convince you, I’m sure this will at least hold an idea in your head that maybe there’s something more between the co-stars.

Elliot or Dominic, they have both stolen my hearts. Putting a background to the face on TV makes watching him play out the role so much more captivating for me, and I hope this puts you in the same boat. We hope to see more from both men in the future

Abbi Donaldson is a Class of 2024 student of University of Central Florida majoring in Advertising/Public Relations. She loves writing poetry and music as well as reading. She's passionate about politics, music and fitness and hopes to use her love for writing to further her career.
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