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Want To Plan a Getaway With the Girls? Here Are 3 Essential Tips To Prepare

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCF chapter.

What better way to spend time with friends than adventuring and exploring what the world has to offer? There’s so much to see, visit and enjoy — all while doing so in a limited period. Traveling together can be as fun as you make it. With a few essential travel tips in mind, planning a weekend getaway with the girls will be swift and convenient for everybody. It can transform the experience into an unforgettable one. Here are some tips that I found helpful in the preparation process worth sharing.

Research, research, research!

Do your research! I cannot emphasize this enough. Every trip requires plenty of time to plan and execute travel accommodations and arrangements. For this part of the preparation process, timing is important and means everything. When researching the airlines and lodging you are wishing to book, the earlier the better. Why? Most airlines and hotels tend to raise the cost of their fares and stays at certain times of the week and year-round. For example, traveling during the weekends is usually higher than during the week because there is more demand from customers and guests when personalized schedules are made available and convenient to fit in leisure. Major holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s, as well as long breaks or weekends with a recognized national day such as Spring Break, Memorial Day or Labor Day, will involve a much more expensive itinerary due to the fact that people are busy with plans and need to get from one location to another, while others may be out of town and staying at a popular destination. Ideally, it’s suggested that when booking accommodations for a planned trip, you should research between 2-3 months up to 3 weeks in advance for the best prices and deals, as these are always subject to change.

Save (don’t spend) money.

Before planning your trip, money comes first in the preparation process. There must be sufficient funds that will be available for you to invest and spend towards all of your accommodation and arrangements. Although traveling and leisure trips are typically associated with high expenses, luxury and the desire to do all the things you typically wouldn’t do while at home, there are ways to budget your finances carefully on your own and with your friends who may also wish to participate and contribute in creating a cost-effective group itinerary. A good way to start saving is upon receiving your paycheck if you have a job or an occasional allowance or gift given to you. A portion of the amount you receive can be set aside and left untouched to fund your travel expenses. Over time, a little amount set aside each time can go a long way, increasing in value. Another thought to consider is deciding to pick and agree upon a destination that offers general affordability. A destination for a girl’s getaway weekend doesn’t need to be as extravagant as what is seen or portrayed in the media, like living lavishly in Los Angeles, New York or Miami. Smaller cities still have endless opportunities for relaxation and entertainment — think unique cities such as New Orleans, Boston or Nashville. All in all, a girl’s getaway weekend will be less than what you would be funding if it was a solo trip, so it’s a win-win for everybody tagging along


A major thing to remember is that a girl’s getaway weekend involves a group including yourself and others planning together. That said, planning is a group effort. The consideration of input from each person should at the very least be acknowledged and understood in an appropriate and respectful manner. Sure, it’s expected and normal that not everybody will want to agree on certain parts of the itinerary, whether that be a specific destination or activity. However, compromising on one thing with or for another would be effective in ensuring that each person can take part in doing something everybody enjoys, especially themselves. Compromising is a resourceful approach compared to starting or becoming involved in unnecessary and preventable arguments and drama.

These travel tips serve in planning a successful girls’ getaway trip with your friends based on previous personal experience. They’re loosely designed as suggestions and include relevant advice to take note of. By following similar approaches as the ones mentioned, the preparation for your trip will prove stress-free and create memorable moments to cherish.

Morgan is a Hospitality Management major with a minor in the French language. She is an international travel bug who loves to explore the world and experience different cultures. She is a history enthusiast at heart. Catch her anywhere from reading travel blogs, writing, watching historical dramas or docs to tanning at the beach, shopping till she drops, and eating out.