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‘Emily in Paris’ Is Back and So Are Her Iconic Outfits

Salut à tous! Lily Collins has officially returned for season two of Netflix’s Emily in Paris and continues boasting a unique style. Marylin Fitoussi, the show’s costume designer, and Sex and The City’s Patricia Field worked together during this season to keep expanding the fashion of the show.

The show follows Emily Cooper (Collins) as she experiences a complicated love triangle and adapts to her new life in Paris. Her style has become more sophisticated with a mix of vintage couture and designer pieces. At first, Emily’s wardrobe might seem quite difficult to achieve, but I assure you there’s an easy way to recreate her looks at a fair price. Zara, Coast and Karen Miller are just a few of the brands you can refer to find inspiration.


In season 2, we can clearly see that Emily hasn’t lost her affinity for color. A vivid green coat, rainbow-striped polo and miniskirt catch the eye of the audience. I prefer neutral colors, but this look makes me consider wearing something like this for work or an important event.


Even with a simple yellow blazer, Emily always opts to make an impact with bright colors or patterns. According to Fitoussi, several shows are bringing back striking costumes on TV. “You see that in series like Bridgerton,” she said, “who, two years ago, could imagine that you would design a period TV show with such bright colors? With such simple fabrics and everything? So, minds are changing, and that, I think, is very good. It’s very good.”


While working at the office, Emily wears a simple look that still draws eyes and finds its own way to stand out in the Savoir marketing firm. The striped top, Valentino heart skirt and Barrie Blazer create a very casual but powerful look that highlights Emily’s personality. I would definitely want these pieces in my closet. I love how casual yet chic this outfit is.


Even though I’m not a fan of the pink color, this is one of my favorite looks of season 2. It reminds me of the iconic Blair Waldorf and her unforgettable outfits. During this episode, Emily starts going out with Alfie, a British businessman she met in her weekly French class. A lot of things are changing, and Alfie is bringing back the so-called “magic” of Paris to Emily’s life. The ruffled red crop top, Balmain skirt and Roger Vivier bag are a surprisingly simple look for Emily, but it’s enough to catch everyone’s attention, especially Alfie’s.

I would love to see more of Fitoussi’s and Field’s creativity and hard work in season 3. If you’ve watched the show, you know each character’s style emphasizes their unique personality. These were by far my favorite, and apparently, we will see some of these looks again in the new season. “My dream for season 3 would be to recycle costumes [from] season 1,” Fitoussi said. “I don’t know if we can do that, but I’m dreaming to bring some of Lily’s most iconic outfits to the recycling workshop and see what they can do and recut and make,” she expressed.

Natalia is a student from Orlando, Florida. She is a senior at the University of Central Florida where she studies Advertising/Public Relations. Natalia is excited to share her knowledge about fashion, music, mental health and beauty trends. When she is not writing or in a class, she likes to spend time with friends, listen to old reggaeton songs, or watch some of her favorite movies all over again!
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